Turpins: Mom Louise Slept With A Man She Met Online & Dad David Encouraged It, Claims Her Sister

A new allegation comes out of the Turpin case, with Louise Turpin's sister revealing details about her sex life. We have the strange details here.

David Turpin & Louise Turpin
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Teresa Robinette tearfully confessed to Megyn Kelly on her talk show what she knows about older sister Louise Turpin‘s life before she was arrested for allegedly abusing her children both physically and mentally in the so-called California House of Horrors. Teresa alleged that Louise and husband David Turpin shared an unconventional sexual relationship, which included her sister allegedly sleeping with other men. Her sister, who left home at 16 to be with David, was very sheltered, Teresa said. Louise apparently had never smoked or even had a drink of alcohol until she was 40. She and David reportedly started letting loose, and that included experimenting sexually.

“I was a teenager, I was considered the wild child. And she had never experienced that,” Teresa told Megyn. “At the time, she told me that the older children were helping them take care of the younger children so that she and David could sow those wild oats that she didn’t sow when she was younger. I’ll never forget she called me…it was a very weird thing to me that I would never do. She told me that her and David had met a man online from Alabama. And that they were on their way there to meet him, and that she was going to sleep with him, and that David was okay with that.

I told her that I thought it was insane,” Teresa said of the alleged sexual encounter that she claims happened between 2008 and 2010. “All I know is that it did happen; she went to Alabama, David dropped her off, she met this man at a hotel, and she slept with him. And what makes it even worse and weirder, is that one year to the day, the anniversary of when she did that, she called me and she thought this was funny: David was taking her back to the exact same hotel room, the exact same hotel — everything –the exact same bed that she slept with this man in, so that David could sleep with her in the same bed.” Watch the full interview below:

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