Hayley Orrantia & Sam Lerner Of ‘The Goldbergs’: Will Erica & Geoff End Up Married?

In a new interview with HollywoodLife, 'The Goldbergs' stars, Hayley Orrantia and Sam Lerner dish on the ONE thing they'd love to watch their on-screen couple to do.

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Hayley Orrantia, 23, and Sam Lerner, 25, of The Goldbergs are pretty into their on-screen romance! HollywoodLife caught up with the actors at the Television Critics Association on Tuesday, January 9 where they happily chatted about Sam’s promotion to being a series regular, their similarities to their characters, and the one thing they really want to see Erica and Geoff do. As fans of the show know, Erica and Geoff are known as “Gerica” by their beloved fans. So, what do Hayley and Sam hope to see in the future for Gerica? A big white wedding, duh!

HollywoodLife: What’s one thing you would love to see your characters do on the show, either together or separate?

Hayley Orrantia: Get married!

Sam Lerner: I have a theory, I don’t know if [Hayley’s] on board with this theory, but I think whenever the show ends, if it ever does, I think our characters should get married.

Hayley: Because it’s like the Jim and Pam of The Goldbergs!

Sam: It’s such a cute romance.

HollywoodLife: You guys are endgame!

Sam: Yeah, I think so!

Hayley: Jerrika. Even though Erika’s a big b-t-h to [Geoff] a lot of the times.

Sam: She is, but she really does love him!

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The on-screen couple and real-life friends were also eager to discuss how they relate to their characters. Believe it or not, Hayley claims she’s much more similar to Erica than fans may realize. Sam even agreed with that while also sharing how he relates to his own character, Geoff. Here’s what they told HollywoodLife:

Hayley: Well, first of all, Sam’s been a series regular this season. He’s been on the show for forever but they officially made him a series regular this year, so it’s been super fun, so we have a ton of new things together.

Hayley: Honestly, as sad as it is, I think I’m a lot like my character.

Sam: You 100% are.

Hayley: Yeah. The only thing that sucks that I really hope is not anything like Erika in my life is how horrible she is to her mother. Because she like gets to a point where there are times where I went to the writers and I was like, are you sure you want me to say this? This is gonna go over really horribly.

Sam: You and your mom are really close.

Hayley: Yeah. So I wouldn’t imagine saying that to her. But I am, I get a little b–chy. There’s times! You know, you get an attitude.

Sam: It happens!

Hayley: She’s a little headstrong, Erika. I guess that’s the proper way of saying it.

Sam: I’m like [Geoff] in a couple ways. He’s definitely more of a push over than I am. He’s very just, anything that her character he says he kind of just goes along with. And like, you know, I’m a lot cooler when it comes to my dating life. No, yeah, I’m pretty similar, honestly. When I really like someone I’m just like, anything you want! I’m not far off.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do YOU think about Erica and Geoff’s romance on The Goldbergs? Do YOU think they’ll end up married one day? Comment below, let us know!