Tila Tequila Claims She Knows Why Olivia Nova & More Adult Film Stars Are Dying

After saying she 'prayed' for adult star Olivia Nova's death, Tila Tequila told HollywoodLife.com why she thinks 'God is targeting' the porn industry.

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Adult film stars Olivia NovaAugust Ames, and Yuri Love, have all unfortunately passed away in the last few months, and former reality star and rabid born-again Christian Tila Tequila, 36, claims to know why. “As for all of the dead or dying porn stars….God is targeting that industry first with the death plagues because the wages of sin is death and like I said it is currently judgement day,” Tila told HollywoodLife.com in an interview. “God will use that industry and all the deaths happening in that industry to show everyone that he is not to be mocked and that he is the Lord God Almighty!  But sadly, people will continue to mock and be in disbelief and that only leads to 1 thing for them….. death.”

On Jan. 8, Tila took to Facebook to post an outrageous message about how she had been “praying” that people in the adult film business would all “fall extremely ill” and “start to die off,” in the wake of the news that Olivia had passed away at 20-years-old. ““Whoa! God listens to me and gives me whatever I ask for in Jesus’ name!” the former social media star wrote. But claiming that she wished for the tragic death of another person isn’t even the only eyebrow-raising statement Tila – real name Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen — has made recently. The former Shot at Love star has praised Donald Trump, 71, while simultaneously using the “N” word in an obscenely racist rant. She also declared that she’s a white supremacist and hailed Adolf Hitler on Twitter.

But if praising a literal Nazi leader wasn’t enough, on Jan. 9, she also said that she hoped for the disastrous Montecito, CA mudslides that have so far killed 17 people, all because she wanted the neighborhood’s famous residents Oprah Winfrey, 63, and Ellen Degeneres, 59, to face God’s wrath. So basically, this born-again Christian is using her religious beliefs to justify wanting innocent people to drop dead. That’s… disgusting.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Tila’s wild claims?

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