‘WAGS Atlanta’ Star Telli Swift Dishes On Wild Romance With Deontay Wilder & More

The 'WAGS Atlanta' franchise premiere features glamorous relationships with some fierce drama and we sat down EXCLUSIVELY with Telli Swift ahead of the Jan. 3 premiere for a sneak peek!

Telli Swift WAGS Atlanta
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For the last 3 years Telli Swift, 30, has been the backbone to world champion boxer Deontay Wilder, 32, and she’s beyond ready to take her relationship with the heavyweight fighter to the next level and start wedding planning. “Deontay is my job,” Telli tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “I’m his stylist, I’m the chef, I’m the maid, I’m everything.” And, she really means EVERYTHING. In addition to being Deontay’s girlfriend, she also serves as his personal caretaker. “Well, I’m a nurse. So, I can help him heal, recover and everything else,” said Telli. “Prior to Deontay, I was a nurse here in LA, so I guess that’s what makes it work for him. Being that he’s never lost, I don’t have to worry much. He doesn’t get hit too much, so I don’t worry unless he does and that makes it easier for me.”

It must be nice having a woman in your corner who can literally heal your battle wounds, but don’t think Deontay’s chomping at the bit to get married. Deontay is super reluctant to put a ring on it and that doesn’t sit well with Telli. “I felt like I performed all of the duties of a wife without the title,” she says. “I kept asking myself, why are you cooking, why are you cleaning, why did you stop working? You did all of this for your man and you’re not married. It’s like you’re playing house. He’s milking the cow for free.” Ladies, stop us when you’ve heard this story before, but for any relationship to prosper, there’s always give-and-take. Deontay and Telli like to give each other the finest things money can buy, “For his birthday on Oct. 22 I threw him a surprise party in Atlanta and he had a custom cake with Louis Vuitton boxing gloves,” says Telli. “I got him exactly what he asked for which was a silk Versace robe. For my 30th birthday he bought me a Bentley, which is my dream car, so that’s the least I could do for him. He’s the boss.”

Deontay and Telli’s wild romance is absolutely must-see TV! The drama that will ensue among the ladies won’t be any different. “There’s a lot of pettiness going on. There’s one who’s openly sexual, the girl who lies too damn much, we have a Southern belle, of course, we have a beauty queen too. Then there’s me who everyone feels like I’m super boujee and I’m pampered because I’m from LA and they’re all from the south,” dishes Telli. Major shade is definitely coming and we’re here for it!


HollywoodLifers, are you looking forward to watching all of the drama of WAGS Atlanta? Let us know in the comments below!

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