Tamar Braxton Slams Ex Vincent Herbert For ‘Having A Baby’ With Other Woman

Oh, there’s plenty of drama still left in 2017. Tamar Braxton just accused her ex, Vincent Herbert, of not only cheating on her, but also allegedly getting this other woman pregnant!

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Vincent Herbert is having a baby and his whore decided to let me know about it tonight!!” Tamar Braxton, 40, wrote in a furious Dec. 30 Instagram post. “That stupid broke ass whore should check public records on Christmas before she goes through with it!! He called back (despite of his protection order) begging and lying…like he’s hanging out with Joe and Roxci(from BET). Oh yeah…that’s creditable…no shade.” Wait, did Tamar just claim Vincent was arrested on Christmas? Whoa.

“However, before [you] judge me know the FACTS!!! He’s a real piece of work,” Tamar added. “Smh happy new year folks! Ladies and gentlemen know that 2018 is a FRESH start and if I can leave this liar you can leave yours too.” She also added an extra bit of shade towards her ex and his other woman in the post’s caption. “Say what u want about me…but I’m good & Got Damn tired of the bull💆🏽‍♀️ 2018 belongs to who DARES to take your life BACK!!💪🏽 I’m FIRST in Line!”

Update: While the identity of the alleged pregnant side chick remains unconfirmed, FAMEOLOUS says a source told them that Vince and Basketball Wives LA star Laura Govan, 39, were spotted going on vacation months ago. “This tea…got lost in our DM on our old page that got deleted,” Famelous said, before pointing out that Vincent and Laura were also spotted at a DJ Khaled party in December. Supposedly, it was Gilbert Arenas, 35, — who has four children with Ms. Govan — who told Tamar about Vince and Laura.

Well, if anyone thought things couldn’t get any more dramatic between these two, guess again. Add this accusation of an alleged pregnancy to the long list of drama between Tamar and her ex. She filed for divorce on Oct. 24, ending their nine years of marriage. Days after filing the papers, the Braxton Family Values star went on a wild social media rant where she seemingly accused Vincent of cheating on her. “When is enough enough? “ she asked. “He can argue & u can tell me to [get] out of ‘your’ house when I’m the house of cards? None of this is ok.. & while I’m not pushing anyone out of the door..I’m just telling you what has pushed me out of mine! That LAST time was the LAST time.”

Yikes. Tamar’s decision to call it quits came one year after an alleged domestic dispute in Atlanta. The authorities were called to check in on an argument that supposedly got physical, but neither Tamar nor Vincent were arrested. The two were spotted holding hands one day after the alleged fight. Since filing for divorce, things have not been great between Tamar and Vince, especially when it comes to custody over their four-year-old son Logan. On top of that, Tamar’s mother, Evelyn Braxton, 69, made some shocking claims of her own. She accused Vince of “abusing” her daughter for years and said he allegedly came after her, too!

What do you think about Tamar’s accusations, HollywoodLifers? Are you shocked?