Was Jonghyun Crying Out For Help Before Suicide? Why Fans Are Sure They Missed A Red Flag

Was SHINee singer Jonghyun trying to tell followers and friends that he was struggling prior to his suicide? Here's why fans so convinced.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

As fans attempt to recover from the tragic and shocking death of SHINee member Jonghyun following his apparent suicide, fans have begun to wonder if there were warning signs that might’ve been missed before his passing. The striking Korean pop star wore a very unique jacket at the SMTown Concert this year that is now being scrutinized as a possible window in Jonghyun’s struggle with depression. For the most part, the jacket is a typical pinstripe…with some BIG modifications. For one, one of the sleeves is denim. For another, the bottom-most segment of the jacket is part of Nirvana frontman and 90s icon Kurt Kobin‘s suicide note. Head here for loads more images of Jonghyun.

Using this extremely intimate letter from a fallen rock star as part of garment is questionable a best, forcing fans to wonder if it was Jonghyun’s decision to wear this for a particularly reason. Was he attempted to tell his fandom that he was struggling or was it merely a super-edgy fashion choice? When images first surfaced of him wearing the Cobain jacket over the summer, he was immediately ridiculed by critics who the coat pretty tasteless.

However, fans of Jonghyun defended him then, stating that his English isn’t all that great. Meaning that whether or not he chose to wear the jacket, it was someone else’s decision that such a polarizing garment would even be available to him. And if he has picked it himself, it’s highly unlikely he would’ve understood the delicate context surrounding that bottom segment.

As we previously reported, K-pop fans everywhere were heartbroken to discover that Jonghyun had taken his own life on Monday, Dec. 18. He composed a message prior to succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning that’s since been interpreted as a suicide note. “I am broken from inside,” he wrote. “The depression that had been slowly eating me up finally devoured me and I couldn’t defeat it.”

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