5 Reasons Why Missionary Sex Is Super Sexy & Not Boring AF

Missionary sex, aka the most 'vanilla' position, has a pretty bad rep -- but why? Our experts weigh in on why this specific position is actually hotter than most!

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How did missionary sex get such a bad reputation? While it’s usually classified by most as boring, we here at HollywoodLife want to shed light on how incredible this so-called “vanilla” position actually is. With some help from our of our favorite sex-perts, Sean Jameson of The Bad Girls Bible, we’re here to point out all of the seriously overlooked pros of missionary sex. Ready to be enlightened? You’re welcome in advance.

1.) Missionary is the most intimate position there is. “You will feel all your man on top of you,” Sean shared with HollywoodLife, explaining how missionary can be incredibly intimate. “Additionally, you are in the perfect position to kiss your man and make intense eye contact with him during missionary sex.”

2.) There are lots of modifications that can be made. When you think of missionary, you likely just think of a woman laying on her back with her man on top of her. Well, it’s time to broaden your horizon a little bit! “It’s so versatile,” Sean told HollywoodLife of the missionary position. “You can really do a lot in the missionary position by making a few small changes. You can easily transition to the coital alignment technique for more clitoral stimulation. Or you wrap you legs around your man’s waist, or he can grab your behind and pull you in with every thrust.” (FYI, coital alignment is when he holds himself deep inside you and grinds against your clitoris for maximum stimulation.)

3.) It’s not just intimate for the woman. All of this sounds great… if you’re a woman. So, how do you make missionary more exciting for your man? Sean suggests lots of kissing, gentle biting and whispering some dirty thoughts into his ear. Hopefully you know what your partner is really into, so you already know all of the right things to say to ramp up his experience, too!

4.) There is no ‘wrong’ way to missionary. As Sean explained to HollywoodLife, “Understanding that there is not right or wrong way to do missionary and making it work for you is key. If you want to put pillows under your butt or back to change the angle then do it. The same goes for what you do with your legs. Raise them up, wrap them around your man, put them inside his legs or do whatever feels most pleasurable.”

5.) Communicate in a positive, playful manner. Interested in kicking things up a notch? Sean says the best way to communicate this to your partner without throwing him off is by being as non-confrontational as possible. “If you can playfully let your man know how much exploring one of your fantasies with him would turn you on, then it’s going to be quite easy to convince him to try it,” Sean explained. “On the other hand if you’re harshly criticizing him about some aspect of your sex life, then don’t be surprised if he clams ups.”

Additionally, you can read more about the missionary position here. You can follow Sean and The Bad Girls Bible on Twitter, too, by clicking HERE!

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