Was Taylor Swift’s ‘King Of My Heart’ Inspired By Tom Hiddleston & Not Joe Alwyn? Fans Debate

Taylor Swift released the making of video for 'King Of My Heart" and clues are causing fans to debate on whether the song is about Tom Hiddleston or Joe Alwyn. Find out why!

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Taylor Swift, 27, told fans that every love song on her new album Reputation is about her current beau Joe Alwyn, 26, but after releasing the making of video for “King of My Heart” fans spotted one particular clue that may prove it was actually originally about her ex Tom Hiddleston! At the end of the video, while Taylor is recording vocals for the song, she’s wearing a white t-shirt and denim overalls. This appears to be the same outfit Taylor wore while video chatting with squad member Karlie Kloss on her birthday in Aug. 2016. Karlie posted the photo on her social media back then causing speculation it could have been the same day. What’s the big deal about that? Well, Taylor apparently didn’t meet Joe until Oct. 2016! She was dating Tom at the time of Karlie’s post so how could the song be about her blond hunky boyfriend if she hadn’t even met him yet?! Before we jump to conclusions, let’s observe a bit further: it is possible she could just be wearing the same outfit on different days, right? However, it’s also possible that it could have started out being about Tom, but Tay switched kings when she met Joe! Check out our take on who Taylor’s new songs are about here!

Fans took to Twitter to point out that the song was indeed about Tom by posting side by side photos of the hitmaker in the same outfit and even pointed out that her hair was styled the exact same way. Now, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, other fans aren’t buying into it and still insist the song is about Joe. One fan compared the odd way Tay says “Jaguar” in the song to the way Tom says it in his advertisements for the expensive car brand. Could this mean she’s taking a jab at Tom while singing to Joe? The lyric does go: “‘Cause all the boys and their expensive cars, With their Range Rovers and their Jaguars, Never took me quite where you do.” Hmm… Then again, she could also say it that way because she imagines singing it to Tom, right? And how does Joe say the word? They’re both British with heavy accents so it’s possible they pronounce it similarly. Are you confused? We are a little too, but this whole debate leads to one definite conclusion: there are endless possibilities and only Taylor knows for sure!

Taylor’s new album has continued to stay at the top of the charts and she just announced a stadium tour that starts in Spring 2018. It’s expected to sell out as usual, proving the singer continues to be the own ruler of her kingdom!


HollywoodLifers, do you think “King of My Heart” is about Tom or Joe? We want to know your opinions here!

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