Selena Gomez Is ‘Crazy In Love’ With Justin After Reuniting: She’s ‘Light & Joyful’

If Selena Gomez seems like she’s living her best life since reuniting with Justin Bieber -- she is! We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE that Sel's in 'love' and happy to be back with Biebs.

Image Credit: Rex/Shutterstock

Are Selena Gomez, 25, and Justin Bieber, 23, the new Beyonce and JAY-Z? To Sel, they are because like JAY and Bey, a Selena insider EXCLUSIVELY tells that she’s “just so crazy in love with Justin.” Aww. How sweet. Jelena may not cover Bey and JAY’s iconic 2003 hit, “Crazy In Love,” anytime soon, but Selena’s living the song 24/7. She’s even changing the minds of doubters and haters, all with the power of her love.

“As much as people around her are worried that she’ll end up heartbroken all over again, it’s hard not to be happy for her,” the source tells “She tried her best to put things with him behind her and for a long time it seemed like she had. But it’s obvious now that she was carrying a heavy weight around with her this whole time. Now that she’s back with Justin that weight has lifted, she just seems very light and joyful.”

It seems that Justin feels the same way, as he’s reportedly working on being a “better person” for Selena. Justin, who notoriously left Selena’s heart broken in two in the past, is reportedly changing his ways to make her happy, which in turn, makes them both happy. He’s even supposedly considering settling down with Selena in the future. Of course, before he could even consider getting down on one knee, Selena needs to convince her family and friends that he’s legit. Considering the Biebs was absent from the Selena Gomez family Thanksgiving, he may have a ways to go on that.

Plus, Selena’s fans may need to find their chill over this Jelena reunion. Justin reportedly “unliked” a photo of Selena’s blonde makeover, which caused Selenators to demand she dump him. Gasp! High treason! (Kidding.) Yeah, calling for these two split seems a bit harsh for a social media slip-up, right? Considering how much Selena is “in love” with Justin, perhaps her fans could relax a bit?

Do you think Justin and Selena are going to last, HollywoodLifers? Do you think these two will get hitched or will they end up breaking up, again?

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