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Woman Who Lost 151 Lbs. Is Proud Of Her ‘Jiggles’ As She Dances & Her Moves Are Amazing: Watch

Fitness instructor Brandi Mallory is not only unashamed of her saggy skin after losing major weight, she actually celebrates it! Watch her epic dance moves here.

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Dancer Brandi Mallory
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

You go, girl! Brandi Mallory made major waves after posting a video of herself dancing her heart out after losing a more than a whopping 151 pounds. The fitness instructor, who was a contestant from season four of Extreme Weight Loss, shared the video with her followers on Nov. 5, and what’s inspiring about her post is that she is NOT about to let her loose skin get in the way of her dancing. Brandi’s clip shows her moving and grooving to an accelerated reboot of Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” at an event in St. Louis, Missouri, and it’s already gone viral! Click here to see Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss timeline in pics.

“When you appreciate it all…even the jiggle, bc that once was solid FAT…as in DIDNT MOVE WHEN I DID….lol!” Brandi, who’s also a makeup artist, captioned her post. “I was, ‘Heavy….real Heavy!’ ‘Light on my toes,’ has always been my descriptive….oh but now! Now…Proud of Myself is an understatement! I can’t think of any other word in the English dictionary to describe how I feel about my life or God’s amazing grace and favor over it! THANK YOU #STLOUIS YOU’RE ALWAYS SO GOOD TO ME! 😘.”

At her heaviest, Brandi weighed 400 pounds but has since dropped over 151 of those pounds after changing her diet and exercise routine. Brandi’s skin hangs loosely due to how much weight she’s lost, but she refuses to get skin-removal surgery until after she has a baby in the future. In the meantime, she still proudly dances to — very intense looking — routines, “jiggle” and all! We could NOT be more impressed!

Since her stint on Extreme Weight Loss in 2014, Brandi has become an instructor with Dance Your Pounds Off, a workout program designed by celebrity fitness instructor Dwayne Holt. As a teacher, she shows other people how to get fit while having fun. “YOU. ARE. A-MAZ-ING!!!!!!!” one user commented on her Nov. 5 vid. Another gushed, “CAN’T STOP WATCHING AHHHHH SLAY.” We could not agree more!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — does Brandi’s dancing and message inspire you? Isn’t she a talented dancer?