‘Outlander’: Claire’s Dangerous Gamble To Save Jamie From Death By Hanging

Claire realizes that she must risk her own life to have any chance to save Jamie's. What a burn considering she just saved hundreds of British soldiers from certain death from typhoid fever.

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Jamie in Outlander
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There is nothing that Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) won’t do to be together now that she’s returned through the stones, especially when deadly events stand in their way. While Claire gets to work fighting typhoid fever after having been kidnapped by a desperate British captain whose ship is full of disease, Jamie gets busy threatening the captain on his ship. Ordering the captain to chase the British vessel doesn’t exactly go over well and Jamie finds himself in a familiar place — jailed in a cell in the bowels of the ship.

From there, he tries to convince Fergus to steal the keys of his cell and free him to lead his own loyal band of men to mutiny. Meanwhile, Claire’s 20th century measures to try and save as many sailors from succumbing to typhoid as possible are earning her snarling disrespect from many in the crew. They have no clue why they should have to wash their hands in “grog” [alcohol] to stop the spread of the disease and would much rather drink it. Neither do they “get” the idea that they have their own “typhoid” Mary on board the ship — a sailor who is carrying the disease is infecting others, while seemingly healthy. Of course, none of this makes sense to 18th century mariners, but fortunately the extremely youthful — shall we say maybe 18-years-old — Captain Thomas Leonard backs up her orders.

While Claire toils among the dead and dying, Jamie begs Fergus to use his pick-pocketing skills to free him. “I lost her once Fergus, I cannot lose her again,” he implores. “You do not know what love is because if you did, you’d move heaven and earth. Even risk arrest and death, even hell. So help me rescue the woman I love.” Jamie even promises to give Fergus and Marsali his permission to marry if he sets him free.

Claire continues to try to save her patients from dying without antibiotics and proper hydration for them, but she makes a shattering discovery. The man who broke into Jamie’s print shop and found his seditious pamphlets — Harry Tomkins — is aboard the ship and he’s reported to Captain Leonard that Jamie has murdered a man in Edinburgh — the thug who tried to rape and kill Claire — and now Captain Leonard is set to follow his duty and have Jamie arrested and probably hung when they reach Jamaica, Tompkins is all too happy to report this to Claire. Can Jamie and Claire EVER catch a break?

After all, of all the ships for this man to have ended up on, after breaking into the print shop and starting the fire there that burned the premises down! What the H is Claire going to do trapped on this ship? Fortunately, one of the sailor’s wives, Annicka — who is on board with a herd of goats — has a plan. Annicka befriends Claire, who has saved her drunken husband from dying from alcohol poisoning. Her goats will need grass to eat, as soon as the ship sights land. After all, their milk has been keeping the sick men alive. She brings Claire along to mind her herd when they hit land and urges her to run away.

On board Jamie’s ship, Fergus makes a major decision for love, too. He realizes that Jamie’s plan to mutiny is madness and will only end up in death for he and Jamie, plus Marsali will be left alone and at the mercy of the crew — the sole woman on board. He knows that is certainly a recipe for Marsali to be defiled and worse. “You ask me to move heaven and earth for the woman I love and I do this as well… I love too much,” he tells Jamie after refusing to recklessly steal the keys.

Now, you might have thought that Captain Leonard would be grateful to Claire for saving he and his crew from the deadly disease… enough to overlook what has been reported about Jamie. But British “duty” is maddening. Leonard catches Claire trying to escape and insists that though he doesn’t “relish” it, he is duty bound to report on Claire’s husband’s “crimes” when they reach Jamaica. What a pill! And also tragedy, since Claire’s sweet, loyal helper on the ship’s crew, Elias Pound, who is just 14, succumbs to typhoid and Claire is devastated. “Your [late] mother will be so proud of you,” she tells the dying boy. Now, just when it seems that all hope for Claire and Jamie is lost, Marsali persuades her captain to release Jamie, if he will give “his word.” After all, when Jamie gives his word, he will not back out of it. Boy, there sure are a lot of politicians right now who could learn a thing or fifty from Jamie Fraser!

Jamie sees how Fergus and Marsali have only his best interests at heart and finally gives them his “blessing” to marry in Jamaica. In the 18th century, such things were actually important. Of course, he has no idea that he’s about to be arrested when he hits land. But Claire does and this is when a truly desperate measure is called for. Annicka finds Claire a raft and insists that she jump overboard. She swears that the current will carry Claire to land and safely. “Jumping is the only chance,” she declares. And that’s it — talk about taking a leap of faith. Claire jumps!

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