Jared Leto Was Mistaken For Jay Leno At The EMAs & The Exchange Will Leave You Cringing

So this is awkward. Someone at the 2017 MTV EMA's referred to Jared Leto as Jay Leno, and Jared was NOT pleased. Watch the uncomfortable exchange here.

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If you’ve ever gotten a celebrity mixed up with another, you’re not alone. I mean, come on, how many blonde dudes named Chris does Hollywood really need?! But at least when we mix up Chris Evans for Chris Pratt — (or was it Chris Hemsworth?) — it’s usually not within earshot of the person who’s name you totally butchered. So when MC Grindah, (whose real name is Allan Mustafa) mixed up Jared Leto, 45, for Jay Leno, 67, at the MTV EMAs on Nov. 12, we couldn’t help feeling sorry for him while we cringed at the embarrassing exchange. Watch the awkward encounter in its entirety below!

In the clip, you can see that the Suicide Squad actor was blocked from crossing the stage, so host Rita Ora, 26, asked him to come “join the party.” Once Jared was on the stage, the co-creater of BBC Three’s People Just Do Nothing, grabbed the mic to say, “I love Jay Leno! He’s a sick mate.” Rita corrected him, but that didn’t stop Jared from asking for MC Grindah’s name before giving a snarky response about how he’ll “get to know it.” Yikes?! Click here to see more moments from the 2017 MTV EMAs!

But it seems Grindah actually knew what he was doing all along. He wrote, “BIG UP JAY LENO” on his Twitter, which, TBH, is actually pretty funny. He also retweeted a ton of fan reactions that pointed out how the witty remark was the best moment of the night, and how it wasn’t awkward at all. It seems he purposefully referred to Jared as Jay as a joke that Jared clearly didn’t find very hilarious. Maybe Jared needs to take himself a little less seriously? Hey, if Chris Pine, 37, can go on SNL and make fun of the fact that he looks like every other Chris in the business, Jared can laugh off being confused with a late night host.


HollywoodLifers, do you love Jay Leno? Uh — we mean, Jared Leto?! Let us know!

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