Tom Hiddleston Stunned Taylor Swift Referenced Him On New Album: Here’s Why

While most of the people who are or were in Taylor Swift's life most likely knew they'd be called out on her album, Tom Hiddleston thought he was safe! But, is ex mentioned him in TWO tracks! Here's what he thinks ...

Tom Hiddleston, 36, was shocked to learn that Taylor Swift, 27, dropped some bars about their relationship on her new album, “Reputation“. But, come on, Tom; anyone’s fair game in Tay land. The singer referenced her ex on two tracks — “I Did Something Bad” and “Getaway Car”. And, since the pair didn’t split on bad terms [or so we thought], he was under the impression that he would’ve gotten a get out of fail free card when it was time for Tay to pen a new album.

“Tom was not expecting to be a part of Taylor’s album,” a source close to the actor tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He thought they were on good terms,” our insider says, adding, “After their break-up, he was always asked if he was worried she was going to write about him, and he always said no. But everyone’s saying she did and he’s stunned. He genuinely thought he was going to get spared.” Well, maybe next time, Tom.

As soon as Taylor’s sixth studio album dropped, at midnight on Nov. 10, fans instantly began dissecting each and every lyric, as did we! And, here’s what we came up with. The first Tom reference came on her track, “I Did Something Bad”, which is actually about two men who made a mark on her 2016 year. The first verse is a nod to Kanye West, 40, where she sings about a “narcissist” who “talks sh-t.” Then, Tom came in. In the second verse, Tay sings about a “playboy” who she flew “around the world” with before she broke up with him. Well, she and Tom flew to Italy in the beginning stages of their relationship. Then, the song references to this man spending all of her money. And, when Tay and Tom were together, it was speculated that he was with her for her fame. So, you can decide.

The second Tom reference on “Reputation” came on the track, “Getaway Car”, which happens to be the only breakup song on the album. This track references both Tom and Calvin Harris, 33. In the beginning of the song, Taylor sings about wanting to get out of one relationship, but she doesn’t have a “reason.” Then, when she goes to an event where “the ties were black and the lights were white,” she found her reason — a new man, aka, Tom. In case you forgot, Taylor and Tom were first linked when they were seen together at the Met Gala… the home of black ties. Not long after the Met, she split with Calvin and ended up dating Tom. Coincidence? Nah. THEN, when the chorus comes around, Tay points out that the new relationship didn’t work out, and that the person [Tom] should’ve known how things would end, because of how they got together in the first place. And, again, you can decide. For a complete guide to every song and its hidden meaning, check out our full breakdown here.

Taylor and Tom were first linked at the Met Gala in 2016, as mentioned above. They even attended a pre-Met dinner at the home of Vogue‘s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, 68. Exactly one month later, she and Calvin split; and, two weeks after that, she and Tom were photographed in Rhode Island together. And, the rest was history, until they split just three months later in Sept. 2016.

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