Jordan Klepper Skewers The Trumpformation Of America In ‘The Opposition’

If you have been a fan of 'The Daily Show,' then you already know 'correspondent' Jordan Klepper. Now, tune in to his new nightly show 'The Opposition,' in which he plays a right wing fact-challenged show host.

Jordan Klepper, host of The Opposition on Comedy Central, following The Daily Show has been gleefully crowing this week about Donald Trump’s 12-day tour through the Far East. In his alter-ego as a Breitbart News-loving, TV show anchor, he enthuses that Trump “spreads Americaness every where he goes. He’s like a patriotic rash.” Then as the big Governor’s race in Virginia draws to a close (voting is today), Klepper has been rhapsodizing about Republican contender Ed Gillespie‘s Trumpformation from a “bottom-feeding moderate ” -“you can’t trust anyone who willingly shakes John Stewart‘s hand – [years ago on his show]” — to a “muscular political creature — the Chris Pratt of politics.” Klepper celebrates that Gillespie, a longtime traditional Republican, has successfully completed his “Trumpformation,” a process that involves shedding every belief that gets in the way of winning.

That’s typical Klepper, who has a 2017 approach to taking on right winger radio and talk show hosts like Alex JonesStephen Colbert did it successfully on his own Comedy Central show as an egotistical Sean Hannity-style conservative TV host for nine years. And with Donald Trump in the White House” and “grim reaper” and former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, outside it — Klepper has plenty of material for mocking every Monday through Thursday night at 11:30 ET.  When asked if any viewers might fail to realize that he is doing satire with his show and that some could believe that he says, is truth, he replies : “we try to see the [right wing] fringe perspective as BS. We embrace it so hard and large that you’d have to have blinders on to not see that we are doing comedy,” Klepper explained to in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “I hope viewers see the intention to show [the right wing fringes] ridiculousness and fear-mongering.”

Here, Jordan answers 5 Key Questions about The Opposition and Donald Trump.

1. You covered many Donald Trump rallies during the 2016 election. Why do you think he won voters over?

Jordan Klepper: At Donald Trump’s rallies, I saw a lot of scary, disgusting things, but I also saw people who were looking for hope and they found it in this guy and his idea of making America great again. I do empathize with people who are frustrated because government isn’t working for them. But, you get someone like Donald Trump, who is manipulative and can speak to the worst part of them and this is what happens. He gets in power and wants to be popular, but it’s by appealing to the worst people.

2. Why has Donald Trump been able to maintain his fanatical fan base?

Jordan Klepper: Donald Trump has been a genius at portraying himself as a common man and an outsider, yet he’s inside the White House. What we find so funny is that he’s so anti ‘politically correct’ and anti ‘safe zone’ but yet he’s so offended by everything. He’s offended by NFL players kneeling, and he’s offended by his bad news coverage. He is so small and so delicate. His supporters are drawn to his narrative of his success and think, ‘I wish I could have that,’ but he’s also spun the narrative as an outsider of government and that he alone can shake up that system. He’s cultivating division so it’s your team and any attack on him is an attack on your favorite team. Now, his fans are cheering for their favorite team — Trump.

3. How do you put together your nightly “news” show every day?

Jordan Klepper: We’re trying to make sense of the chaos every day and find humor and perspective in it. It feels like a major moment with so many eyes on our country from around the world. What is happening day in and day out with our commander-in-chief. I talk Trump all day. We read about 100 news articles a day and check in on all the cable news. We need to pay attention to CNN, The New York Times, AND Fox News and

4. The Opposition is funny and it’s mocking the right wing. Why don’t we actually have any funny right wing shows and comedians? 

Jordan Klepper: Donald Trump is mean. If you are always punching down, it’s hard to be funny. It’s hard to be funny about taking healthcare away from millions of people or throwing DACAs out of the country. What we find humorous on the left is punching back. Right wing talk show hosts, tap into the emotions of anger and fear, not humor.

5. Will you still have a show if Trump ends up getting pushed out or doesn’t get elected again in 2020?

Jordan Klepper: If he steps down or isn’t elected, I will happily take to the challenge of still producing The Opposition. He doesn’t have to stay president just for me. That’s my gift to the world!

HollywoodLifers, tune in to see Jordan Klepper and his “citizen journalist” correspondents on Comedy Central, Monday to Thursday at 11:30 PM ET!

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