‘Below Deck’: The Crew Can’t Get Along When Nico’s Sidelined With A Brutal Injury

Valor was not a pleasant place this week! The entire crew fought with each other and the charter didn't run smooth because Nico was sidelined due to a brutal injury! And, Captain Lee went shirtless and rocked a skirt... Let us explain!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Bravo

This week’s episode opened up with the crew preparing for the next charter guests to arrive. Let’s meet them, shall we? — A group of wealthy friends, from LA, came together to celebrate a birthday and have “spice” things up. They wanted “lavish food and themed parties” and over-the-top service. But, since the charter was only three days long, Chef Matt was worried about not knowing what they guests wanted. With bad weather ahead, Captain Lee was worried about not being able to leave the dock. Then, EJ gave Captain Lee the news that he would be leaving Valor. So, Captain Lee would be without his only reliable crew member. Then, Captain Lee’s worst nightmare happened. Nico hit his elbow while working on the deck, which caused his entire arm to go numb. Captain Lee sent him to the hospital and he came back with his arm in a sling, due to a pinched nerve. And, there went the only experienced deckhand.

Then, the new guests showed up, and they were very high maintenance. So, they weren’t happy when Captain Lee said they couldn’t take the boat out; therefore, the crew had to spend a lot of time with the guests. They continued to complain, so the crew members were nervous about impressing them. And, Bruno, came out of the woodwork with a major attitude towards the stews. He was so nervous about impressing the guests that he tried to teach the stews how to do their job, because he thought they were lazy.  Meanwhile, Nico was resting like a king n his room, with Bri waiting on him hand and foot. And, he even hinted in the confessional that he was playing his injury up more than it was. However, it was clear we was somewhat hurt, since he let EJ take over the deck…

When the weather finally calmed down, the guests were able to leave the the dock. So, when Kate went out with them, Jen and Bri were left alone to prepare for the birthday party, aka a luau. But, Jen and Bri were to busy fighting to get the interior ready for the party. Long story short, both Jen and Bri accused each other of taking too much break time. When Kate got back, she flipped. When Kate questioned Jen, she said that Jen lied to her face about what really happened; because she’s competitive with Bri and loves her break time. It was pretty clear that Kate likes Bri more than Jen.

Despite the crew fighting the entire time, the luau ended up being a complete success. The entire crew dressed up with the guests. Even Captain Lee showed up dressed in a skirt with a pineapple in his head. LOL. When the night came to close, Since Kate didn’t get a break, she was a bit on edge. When she decided to take the night off, she gave Jen an unfair amount of work, with Bri managing her. Jen basically hit her breaking point.

During the previews for next week, an unidentified extra deckhand shows up and the crew continues to argue. And, the charter guests don’t appear to be happy when upon their departure!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Baker and EJ will still continue to see each other?

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