Kristin Grannis: 5 Things To Know About Alleged Mother Of Jamie Foxx’s 9-Year-Old Daughter

Jamie Foxx has been very private about his baby mamas' identities, but the mother of his 9-year-old daughter Annalise Bishop has just been revealed to be Kristin Grannis, 40. Here's everything we know about her so far.

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1.) Things have been contentious between her and Jamie Foxx, 49, after the Django: Unchained star began seeing Katie Holmes, 38. Jamie and Kristin Grannis share a 9-year-old daughter together, but once Jamie started seeing Katie in 2013, the new relationship formed a wedge in his old one. Kristin’s father spoke to The National Enquirer and told the publication that the now-exes’ relationship “has become more tense because of his other relationships,” and that it’s “difficult” for Kristin. Similarly, we reported earlier that Jamie is even “hesitant” to go more public with his relationship with Katie out of concern for their privacy. Last year, it was revealed that Jamie’s other baby mama is, Connie Kline, and that the two share a 21-year-old daughter Corrine Bishop.
2.) At one point, Kristin and Jamie had a whole future planned together. According to Kristin’s father, the former pair had planned forming a family together. In addition, he alleges that Jamie even considered the idea of moving them to France away from any and all intrusive paparazzi, but that it just “never happened.”
3.) Kristin is considering becoming completely financially independent of Jamie. Before having Annalise, Kristin apparently worked in PR, but since then has been fully supported by the 49-year-old actor. However, Kristin’s father says by having her own income, she’ll have a “greater degree of independence.”
4.) Kristin and Jamie still meet up, but never in public. While the two still remain friends following their split, Kristin is relegated to having meet-ups with Jamie at his Los Angeles mansion for “private dinner parties” away from the prying eye of the public.
5.) It’s unclear if Katie knows about Kristin. While Kristin’s father admits that she’s been single ever since her breakup with Jamie, he’s unsure if Katie is aware of their situation. While it seems that Katie and Jamie are still going strong, the pair have no plans to expand their families by have a child together. Check out these pics of all the hot celebrity couples who have tried to keep their relationships on the DL.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Katie would leave Jamie if she just found out about Kristin?

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