Wendy Williams’ On-Air Fall: Dehydration & Anxiety Caused By Costume May Have Taken Her Down

Wendy Williams gave viewers a major scare when she fainted on LIVE TV during her Halloween show. After the host revealed that she overheated on stage, we learned what may have caused her frightening fall.

After Wendy Williams, 53, fainted during her LIVE Halloween show, fans are concerned about what really happened to the host.  HollywoodLife.com called on Beverly Hills Doctor, Davis S. Hallegua, who revealed that Wendy’s on-air collapse could have happened for a number of reasons. “Wendy could have experienced a Vasovagal syncope,” Hallegua says, adding that the condition, “is a response to a sudden drop in heart rate and blood pressure.” Vasovagal syncope, doctor says, causes a person to “pass out and quickly come back.”

After learning about the details of Wendy’s faint scare, Hallegua reveals that stress and dehydration likely played a part. “Vasovagal syncope happens frequently with people who are under intense stress and can occur from fear, dehydration or if they haven’t eaten or had anything to drink. Brain triggers and slowing down of the heart rate can also occur in people who take medications that are prone to slowing down the heart rate.”
Hallegua then explains how Wendy’s costume, which she said was “heavy” may have played a role in her fall. “It is possible that Wendy may have overheated because her costume was too tight and wasn’t allowing her body to dissipate heat properly,” he says, adding that the costume issues could have made her anxious. “When a person faints, others will go and lift their legs and that will allow blood to rush back to the brain and heart.”
Following Wendy’s Halloween show, her team released a public statement to her Instagram page. “Wendy is feeling much better,” her team reassured fans. “She overheated because of her heavy costume, makeup, and lights. She was able to finish the show in true Wendy spirit. Thank you for your well wishes.”
Then, Wendy herself took to Instagram to tell everybody to relax.  “I’m doing fine, just need some water and electrolytes,” the host explained, before joking about her fall. “On another note, I slayed and laid Halloween, LOL!”
The host gave fans another update when she returned home after she fainted. “I’m hydrating,” she said in a home video, where she was resting and sipping liquids. “I will definitely be there tomorrow with the rest of the story,” she teased about her Nov. 1 show. We can’t wait to see her back and better than ever!
While many celebs and fans sent Wendy well wishes after her health scare, there was one star who shaded her when she was down. 50 Cent, took to Instagram to accuse the host of faking her fall. As you may know, Wendy told 50 that he needed to get his life together during a “Hot Topics” segment on her show. And, ever since then, the rapper/actor hasn’t had the nicest things to say about her. Check out the full story on his reaction to her fall, here.

HollywoodLifers, we’re wishing Wendy well and you can too! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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