Women Are Getting Botox In Their Scalp To Make Their Blowouts Last Longer — Would YOU?

Now, this, is dedication to the do'! Women are actually getting botox in their scalps for a slew of reasons; but, to preserve blowouts is one of the most popular! A botox injector filled us in on the widespread treatment!

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It’s very likely that you’ve heard of women getting cosmetic and medical procedures — From breast augmentations, to nose jobs, and botox in the face and armpits are a few common ones. However, the latest trend is scalp botox! Yes, you read right; women are getting botox injections in their scalp to deplete sweat. Women are undergoing the procedure to preserve their hair after appointments and blowouts. And, the procedure is very popular for those who are on-the-go with busy schedules. Michelle Cory, one of two injectors at Skin Deep Med Spa, based in Boston, took us inside the actual procedure to fill you guys in! Tell us if this is something you’d do after learning more, below! [Nichole Starr, R.N is the owner of Skin Deep, which also specializes in laser and other skincare services. Starr is the other injector at SD.]

Why scalp botox? — This is popular amongst women are who into fitness or sweat quite often on the hairline/head. Botox controls sweating, and getting it on the scalp also helps to preserve the hair/blowouts. Ever heard women joke around about how they schedule their workouts around their Dry Bar schedule? Here’s the solution. A lot of people who are into fitness and they just want to be ready to wear after a workout, so you can do botox in the the scalp, just like the underarms, and it helps with sweating. This is great for women who want to go from the gym to shopping or things like that. It also helps to preserve blowouts because it helps to stop the sweat, which contributes to flattening the hair. 

Is scalp botox painful? — It’s no more painful than anywhere else you may get botox. We can use ice and it’s just teeny, teeny needles. And, obviously it takes more units of botox, because of the larger area. We usually start more conservative, and then we just have the patient come back in two weeks and if they need more, we can always add more.

When does it kick in and how long does it last? — The scalp botox starts to kick in in about 3-4 days. Then, we will have a person come back after two weeks; that’s the typical time when the next appointment is needed. Typically, by the end of one week after getting the botox, you usually have a pretty good idea of how it’s working with your scalp. It can continue to work after two full weeks, so that’s when we would add more if it was needed.

How long do you have to wait after the botox if you have a hair appointment or a blowout? — Usually, we would have the person wait about three days.

How much would this cost someone? — It’s very customized for each client, but the price range would start anywhere from $1000 up; This is because that specific area takes more units of botox.

Is this very popular right now? — I think it’s just starting to get very popular, it’s still fairly new. People usually prioritize their face when getting botox, so it’s typical the face first, if they’re getting botox.

HollywoodLifers, tell us your thoughts in the comments! Would you do it?

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