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‘Ray Donovan’s Shocking Season 5 Finale: Is [SPOILER] Really Dead?

WTF was that finale ending, 'Ray Donovan' fans? Here's what you need to know about that shocking cliffhanger at the end of season five -- and whether or not you-know-who is really dead.

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SPOILER ALERT! If you aren’t caught up on the fifth season of Ray Donovan and don’t want to be spoiled, you should stop reading. Like, right now. In the final moments of the Ray Donovan season five finale, Ray Donovan himself walked right off the edge of a high-rise building to certain death. Yes, the main character of the show, portrayed by Liev Schreiber, plunged to his death and was last scene floating down a river. But, is he really dead? The answer is no, probably not.

For starters, Ray’s escaped near-death multiple times on the series already. How he could possibly survive jumping off of a building into a river and surviving remains to be seen, but considering the show has already announced it will be back for a sixth season, it’s safe to bet that Ray is alive and well. Er, or at least just alive. As for where Ray will be in season six, showrunner David Hollander told our sister site, TV Line, that they’re “talking about that now.” He added, “For us it becomes about what the damage is psychologically, emotionally, environmentally. The big questions I’m grappling with are not just the physical elements of it.” Needless to say, the sixth season of Ray Donovan is going to be very, very interesting!

See how fans reacted to the wild ending below:

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