‘L&HH’ Recap — Ray J Slammed As ‘Fake Michael Jackson’ & Denied From Joining B2K

Get ready for an emotional roller coaster! The highly anticipated Oct. 16 finale of 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' was full of drama and epic moments. Read our recap to find out what happens to all of the reality stars after their heated feuds during season four!

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Teairra Mari is ready to start fresh with her life at the beginning of the emotional Oct. 16 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, titled “No Place Like Home.” She meets up with her girls Moniece Slaughter and Nikki Mudarris to share her plans and hopes for the future. They’re willing to help Teairra get her mind right one day at a time after quitting alcohol, no matter how much work it takes on her road to sobriety. “Don’t put pressure on me because I have a lot of work to do. For the most part, I’m putting myself first. When I get home I don’t know who is going to be in my life, all I know is that if I don’t feel secure, that I’m not f–king with it,” Teairra explains to her friends. Nikki and Moneice want to clear her plate of all stresses, including her hot and cold relationship with Cisco.

Elsewhere, Fizz sets up a meeting with Ray J to discuss the idea of relaunching the band B2K, with a fresh sound and evolved style. However, original member Omarion has zero interest in getting the group back together, so J-Boog also isn’t hyped. Ray has big plans in store, joking how their new name should be B2RAY. “I came here to bounce around ideas, but it seems like I’m going to have to audition myself, since Fizz dropped the ball communicating with everyone,” Ray says in his confessional. J-Boog’s irritated expression is clear to see, especially when Ray claims he’s the “new Omarion.” J-Boog says it’s too much to comprehend and he gets even more upset. “It’s not realistic to me. Neither ya’ll or myself is at the level B2K left off,” he says. “It’s like putting a fake Michael Jackson on the stage,” seemingly dissing Ray. They nearly come to blows after that. Yikes!

Masika Kalysha and Brooke Valentine are having a blast at Donatella‘s highly anticipated event, looking fierce as ever. The ladies can’t help but talk about Masika’s heated altercation with Hazel-E, especially since she tried to snatch off Hazel’s “wig” last week. Donatella asks why Masika was “naughty,” but she has no shame in her game, joking how she’ll just skip Christmas this year after being a bad girl. Hazel told Donatella that she would be a no-show if her rival went to the star-studded soiree, so Donatella uninvited her since she claimed to “not play that sh*t.” It was only a short while ago that Donatella and Yezi Ortiz asked Masika to be apart of a showcase, but a cat fight ensued the moment Hazel showed up since they couldn’t help but insult each other.

At last, Bridget Kelly and Brooke come face to face, after fighting over Daniel “Booby” Gibson. Brooke pretty much gave up to pursue her lingering feelings for ex Marcus Black, but she’s still ticked at Marcus for giving her song away to Brooke. However, she’s ready to take the stage and explains, “I’m not going to let that get in the way of using my beautiful voice.” Bridget then goes on stage to perform, but Booby surprisingly walks back stage to give Brooke flowers and she calls him out for having a new girl. “You don’t keep secrets from me,” she says. Booby explains how he already paid for the trip and didn’t appreciate getting the text. Brooke asks if they hooked up and he doesn’t answer. However, she doesn’t want to be hypocritical, explaining: “You have the right to do your thing. How am I going to be this upset when I have unfinished business with Marcus. No more secrets.”

Brooke and her on-again flame Marcus are totally falling for each other all over again, enjoying some alone time at the beach. The songstress opens up about Hurricane Harvey, which is wreaking havoc on her home town and family. “Between the natural disaster in my home town and drama with Marcus, it’s been a lot,” she says, while trying not to break down. He’s still coming to terms with her whirlwind romance with Booby, but they’re both ready to embark upon a new chapter in their relationship. “I love you very much,” she gushes to him, as they pack on the PDA. Sparks are clearly flying between them and they’re both willing to give each other another chance!

Can we get an encore? Safaree Samuels and Nikki Baby hit the stage for an epic performance during an outdoor party, living it up to the fullest. “Can I hit it again baby please,” Safaree rapped, and the crowd totally went wild! The two are just friends at this point, but she feels bittersweet that he’s leaving Los Angeles to move to New York. She later walks over to Moneice and asks how Teairra is doing. “I texted her and she never responded,”  Moniece reveals, explaining how she sensed shade and distance from her. The vibe quickly shifts when Moniece’s ex AD Diggs rolls up and wants to chat about their heated breakup. “I miss you. At the end of the day, I want to work this. I can’t let it go,” AD says. “Loving you hasn’t been the part that’s been difficult.” Moniece is still afraid to drop her guard and let AD back in her life.

At the end, Cisco and Teairra are at odds, especially since he claims that she didn’t need rehab. As far as Brooke’s relationship status, she admits: “I still see Marcus as the one by my side.” After feuding with Ray J over their collaboration, Hazel is ready to take over Hollywood. “Once I rise to the top, i’m never going to fall,” she says. Princess Love and Ray are still working towards having a baby and the fertility shaman told them they could have a bundle of joy if their home is more welcoming, so that’s what they’re going to do! Masika isn’t letting the nay-sayers get to her. “With all these disloyal b*tches around me, it really can be lonely at the top,” Masika says. “But from this view, I can’t even see my haters.” Zell Swag has new clients and he’s motivated to keep grinding, while Alexis Skyy is also preparing to take over the world — and fans know that she’s now expecting a baby with Fetty Wap!

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