‘Below Deck’ Recap: Captain Lee Sends A Crew Member Packing & A Romance Heats Up

This week's 'Below Deck' was the most dramatic episode yet! After the deck crew failed at an anchor drop, Captain Lee cursed them out and sent someone home! The stews went at it AND a heavily teased romance heated up!

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When we left off last week, Captain Lee was so fed up with the crew and how green they were, that he brought on one of his former bosun’s, EJ. Captain Lee wanted EJ to help whip the deckhands into shape. However, that made Nico feel like Captain Lee thought he wasn’t ready to handle a deck crew on his own. And, Nico instantly launched himself into a competition with EJ, which led to major tensions between the two top dogs on Valor.

So, during this week’s episode, it was time for another charter. The new guests were another group of non-drinkers, which meant they would see every mistake the crew made, crystal clear. And, even with EJ’s help, the deck crew was a complete disaster. After numerous mishaps, the biggest one came when the crew couldn’t collaboratively perform a successful anchor drop, which Baker led. The amount of times Captain Lee cursed this episode was actually unreal… that’s how angry he was. However, he put on a smile until the guests left.

And, speaking of the guest, although there were a ton of behind-the-scenes dramatics, they loved the entire trip. The guests ended up tipping $21,715, which was a lot for not drinking.

Captain Lee tore into the crew when the guests left. He said that the deckhands were “f–king embarrassing,” because of their sh–ty anchor drop. “I should put a f–king bag over my God damn head,” he continued. Captain Lee then pointed out EJ and Nico, to let them know that since they were already four charters in, that that type of mediocre anchor drop was acceptable at this point. Then, he said that Baker forgot everything she learned when the pressure was on. And, he said that Chris just says “oh sh-t” when something bad happens and basically doesn’t seem to care about anything. In the end, he finally made that “change” he kept threatening. And, he sent Chris packing. We did not see that coming.

Although Captain Lee allowed Chris to stay for a night in Saint Barts, Chris wasn’t pleased. He said he couldn’t wait for the rest of the crew to mess up, before he said they were all trained poorly.

Then, EJ asked Nico to chat privately, which you knew would just end badly. And, it did. The two just didn’t see eye to eye because they both believe they should be on the same level of authority.

Now, to our favorite part — the night out. First, the crew went to dinner, where things just got awkward. EJ made sure to inform the group that he doesn’t get special treatment; Jen made an unexpected pass at Nico; and, then the fights broke out.

Baker asked how the interior of the yacht was doing, aka Kate, Bri and Jen’s crew. Kate made a usual joke that her stews were awful. And, while Bri took it well, Jen was over Kate’s antics. Jen lashed out at Bri and Kate, when she said she works harder than everyone. Then, Bri said that wasn’t true and that Jen just complains too much. Finally, everyone dispersed and just shot dirty looks at each other from across the bar. Eventually, Kate went to talk to her and things seemed to simmer down.

THEN, things heated up between Bri and Nico… finally. The sexual tension between them has been building up all season, let’s be honest. They danced together and got cozy at the bar. But, Bri did question why Nico doesn’t ever talk to her about his girlfriend. Well, Bri, it’s probably because he likes to pretend that his girlfriend doesn’t exist around you… [We still love you, Nico.]

When the crew went to leave the bar, they noticed that Valor wasn’t properly anchored. So, it turned into a drunken competition between Nico and EJ to see which deck king could take on the job. [FYI, we just made up “deck king,” seeing as these two love to fight for the imaginary yachting crown.] They ended up tag-teaming it, but they fought the entire time. “Get off my deck,” Nico said, to which EJ replied, “It’s my deck now, buddy boy.” Hmm, ‘buddy boy?’ Really, EJ?

In the previews for next week, it looks like Nico and Bri’s relationship heats up even more when they hit the beach nearly nude together!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Captain Lee was too harsh on Chris?

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