Agnez Mo: 5 Things To Know About Sexy Singer Who Cozied Up To Chris Brown

Agnez Mo is the most famous name in Indonesia, and you'll want to learn all about her before she takes Hollywood by storm, too. Plus, she's even been romantically linked to Chris Brown! Here are five things to know about her.

Agnez Mo, 31, started her entertainment career when she was just six years old, and immediately became a sensation. As a singer, songwriter, actress and producer, she’s one of the busiest people we know — and she’s good at all of it. She’s recently started making big headlines in the U.S. for cozying up to Chris Brown in the studio, too, and fans are convinced that there may be a romantic connection between the two. Of course, it could be nothing more but a working relationship, but still, it has the people talking. Get to know Agnez better here!

1. Agnez first came on the scene when she recorded a children’s album called Si Meong in 1992. Born Agnes Monica Muljoto, she took on the stage name Agnes Monica (now Agnez Mo.) She then got into acting as a teenager, and signed a record deal. Agnez dropped her first adult album And the Story Goes in 2003, and began to really skyrocket.

2. She just dropped a stunning music video for her song “Long As I Get Paid.” Agnez flaunts a series of super sexy outfits and an elaborate headpiece in the Sept. 22 visual, which takes place in a palatial seaside residence. What a dream, right? Check it out above and see more pics from the video here.

3. Agnez holds the most number of awards in Indonesia. She has 17 Anugerah Musik Indonesia, 8 Panasonic Awards, 5 Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids’ Choice Awards, and 4 MTV Indonesia Awards. (She’s also the country’s richest celeb.)

4. Her album is coming soon! Her upcoming full-length LP is titled X and set to arrive later this fall. How exciting is that?

5. Agnez is an active philanthropist. She is an anti-drug ambassador in Asia and the ambassador of MTV EXIT in combating human trafficking. So impressive!

Oh, and this is just the beginning of Agnez’ journey. “I promised myself and my country that I’d make a big impact everywhere I can,” Agnez tells HollywoodLife. “I’m never going to stop.” Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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