Is A ‘Weird Science 2’ Happening With Channing Tatum? ‘Goldbergs’ Guest-Star Teases Sequel

Ilan Mitchell-Smith, who famously played Wyatt in 1985's 'Weird Science,' makes a cameo in the season premiere of 'The Goldbergs.' But that's not all -- he also teased a wild idea for a sequel to the movie!

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Weird Science fans, today’s your lucky day. Not only is Ilan Mitchell-Smith, who portrayed Wyatt in the 1985 movie, making a cameo in the Season 5 premiere of The Goldbergs on ABC on Sept. 27, but he also talked to EXCLUSIVELY and revealed his idea (the best one ever!) for a Weird Science 2. And guess what? It would star none other than Mr. Channing Tatum. Woof. Click here to see pics of TV’s sexiest teen couples!

Obviously, while discussing Ilan’s guest appearance in tonight’s episode of The Goldbergs, we had to take the opportunity to ask him how he would feel about filming a sequel to Weird Science, and fortunately for us, he was overjoyed by the idea of continuing Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt’s storyline. “I love the idea [of a sequel] because I love the movie and I was happy to be a part of it. That does sound like fun, but I’m pretty busy as a college professor [right now]. It would be a matter of seeing whether something like that could fit into my schedule. But my favorite idea for a Weird Science 2 would be in one in which Wyatt and Gary are all grown up and they have daughters — daughters who find their old stuff. They get together and make Channing Tatum,” he told us, as we whole-heartedly agreed with the concept. Ilan then added, “I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that movie to somehow be made.” Same.
As we previously told you, Ilan will be making a cameo appearance in the season premiere of The Goldbergs, during which he’ll play Adam Goldberg’s (Sean Giambrone) teacher. When discussing sharing scenes with Sean, Ilan told us, “Sean’s a really nice kid, and he’s a little nerdy like me, so we had fun talking about our similar interests.” They got along so well, in fact, that Ilan said Adam hopes he returns for more episodes. But is he interested in doing so? “I do like the show, and I would love to come back,” he told us. Score!
ABC’s The Goldbergs returns on Sept. 27 at 8pm ET with a season premiere episode, appropriately titled, “Weird Science”. Per ABC, the plotline for this episode goes as follows: “Beverly and Murray move Erica into college where her roommate is also named Erica. Later, Beverly has a hard time letting go and ends up sleeping over in the dorm, much to Erica’s dismay. Meanwhile, Adam tries to give Barry the perfect girlfriend, even trying to build one like in the movie ‘Weird Science,’ as he embarks into his senior year.”
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