The 12 Best Stydia Moments On ‘Teen Wolf’ That We’ll Never Forget

Stydia fans, this is for you. In honor of the 'Teen Wolf' series finale on Sept. 24, we're taking a trip down memory lane and remembering the best Stiles and Lydia moments of all-time.

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Over the course of 6 seasons, Teen Wolf has produced a number of popular fandoms. From the very first season, fans have loved Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Lydia (Holland Roden) and wanted them to get together. She was popular queen bee; he was the dorky sidekick. Stiles has had a crush on Lydia since the third grade, and his feelings for her have never wavered. Slowly but surely, these two have grown to be more than just friends.

Stiles and Lydia’s relationship has been the epitome of a slow burn. Things between them didn’t start heating up until the third season. Stiles and Lydia shared their first kiss in the eleventh episode of season three. Stiles was in the middle of having a panic attack, and Lydia decided to kiss him. There was no denying their passion in that moment. In that same episode, Stiles, Allison (Crystal Reed), and Scott (Tyler Posey) have to essentially die to supercharge the Nemeton. Deaton told them that they needed an “emotional tether” to bring them back. Deaton knew Stiles and Lydia’s connection was far deeper than even they could understand, and Lydia ended up being Stiles’s tether. From then on, their connection has just gotten stronger.

Season 6A was the season of Stiles and Lydia. Stiles was taken by the Ghost Riders in the premiere, and everyone’s memories of him were wiped clean. He knew she was going to forget him, but before she did, he just wanted to tell her one thing. “Remember I love you,” he said. Swoon.

Lydia spent the majority of season 6A trying to remember this pivotal person in her life, and it was heartbreaking to watch. But it was also kind of magical. As she started to piece together these memories, she realized just how important Stiles was to her. When Lydia finally did remember Stiles, she admitted that she never said “I love you” back to him. Stiles and Lydia reunited in the season 6A finale. “I never said it back,” Lydia told Stiles when she saw him again. He replied with, “You don’t have to.” CUE AN EPIC STYDIA KISS!

Watching Stydia grow and evolve over the course of Teen Wolf’s run has been truly unforgettable. They’re endgame, plain and simple.

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