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Foo Fighters Shade Justin Bieber For Canceling Tour: ‘Dave Grohl Played With A Broken Leg’

Justin Bieber canceled his ‘Purpose’ tour because he needed some rest and the Foo Fighters aren’t impressed. The band dissed Biebs, pointing out that Dave Grohl managed to play even after breaking his leg on stage!

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First it was Marilyn Manson, 48. Now, it’s the Foo Fighters. It seems that Justin Bieber, 23, is beefing with every single alternative-rock star from the 1990s. The latest feud came courtesy of Chris Shiflett, 46, lead guitarist for the Foo Fighters. While speaking with the Daily Star, Chris cast some doubt – while throwing some shade – over Justin’s reasoning for pulling out of the last 14-dates of the Purpose tour. “Whatever people say to the press, that is usually something that a publicist has cooked up, and there will be another reason – something behind the scenes,” Chris said, not buying JB’s excuse that he needed some “[rest] and relaxation.”

“I don’t want to be judgmental,” Chris said, as he was about to be judgmental, “but Dave [Grohl, 48] broke his leg and absolutely refused to cancel.” Damn, Chris. That’s cold – but where’s the lie? Chris brought up how Dave – along with the Foo Fighters – was busy rocking out in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 12, 2015. While playing their hit, “Monkey Wrench,” Dave fell off the stage! “Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I love you, but I think I just broke my leg. I really broke my leg.” While that would normally mean the show’s over, but not with the Foo Fighters. As Dave was getting fixed up, Taylor Hawkins, 45, took over singing until…Dave came back to finish the show!

Dave not only didn’t cancel the tour, he didn’t cancel the show. No wonder Chris wasn’t impressed with Biebs bailing on his tour because he wasn’t feeling “sustainable” enough. “I hate canceling shows even when there is a really good reason,” Chris told the Daily Star. “Sometimes s**t happens, sometimes there’s a family emergency, sometimes someone gets hurt and it still feels sh***y, so you try not to. Luckily I’m in a band where everyone feels that.”

This latest battle between Biebs and a band usually found on MTV’s 120 Minutes came after his bizarre “beef” with Mr. Manson. Marilyn revealed that he and Justin had an awkward talk over a piece of Purpose tour merch that featured Manson’s face. Justin reportedly said that he was making Manson “relevant again,” and the “Beautiful People” singer said Biebs was a “real piece of sh*t” to say that.

However, while talking with Howard Stern, 63, Marilyn shared a text conversation between him and the Biebs. “I thought we had a pretty pleasant interaction,” Justin texted, according to Buzzfeed. “It kinda stung seeing that I came off as an assh*hole or even was an assh*le. I’m sorry.” Mason then said that the whole thing was “exaggerated” and people were making “that shirt stuff into a fake feud.” Huh. Guess it really is never too late to say sorry.

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