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Kylie Jenner’s Shocking New Pics — Did She Get More Fillers In Her Lips & Face? Expert Speaks

Kylie Jenner bravely admitted to getting lip injections to make her pout really pop when she was 18, but on Sept. 15 her lips were looking bigger than ever! A plastic surgeon tells EXCLUSIVELY if it looks like she's had even more work done.

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Kylie Jenner's Lips
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Kylie Jenner’s lips are looking bigger than ever! The sexy starlet stepped out on Sept. 15 with a super-plump pout, which had us wondering if she’s had even more fillers. So spoke EXCLUSIVELY with DrMoretz, Bevelry Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Founder of F.A.C.E. of Beverly Hills, to get his expert opinion. Click here for pics of Kylie’s lip evolution. 

Dr. Moretz actually thinks Kylie’s worked on a lot more than just her lips! “She’s had a lot of filler in her cheeks and the lips, and to a certain degree her jaw line is looking quite a bit more square, like she’s had more filler there too,” he explained. “Even her eyebrows look like have she may have had filler in her brow ridge. That’s something that’s done in an aging face but she doesn’t have an again face and shouldn’t be needing that at all. And nor is the cheek area somewhere that she needs filler, someone is being quite aggressive with the amount of fillers they are putting in her face. She’s such a young, pretty girl she really doesn’t need to be doing any of this.”

Dr. Moretz thinks Kylie might be going a little too far. “Her lips appear to have more filler in them and she also may have gotten filler in the area between her upper lip line and the nose itself too because that’s all kind of sticking out,” he explained. “She’s going towards the feline look where you get too much filler in the upper lip area or between the lip and the nose, giving it that feline look.”

The doc also explained why it looks like Kylie can’t quite close her mouth. “Also if you look at her lower lip here there is a deep cleft in the middle of her her lower lip. It’s had filler on each side and it’s creating a cleavage effect,” he explained. However, there’s a chance that this new look isn’t permanent. “She may have just recently had some injections and got extra swelling going on hopefully that’s what it is and it’s not going to stay that way. Or she may be going down the yellow brick road and going way too far with the fillers and that’s why she’s ending up with this bloated look.” Hopefully he’s right! Kylie is beautiful and she doesn’t need to change!

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