Wesley Stromberg Details Emblem3 Feud & How The Band’s Demise Led To His Self-Discovery

Welsey Stromberg isn't just a boy band member. The singer founded on 'The X Factor' has come a long way in five years. Now, he's opening up to HollywoodLife.com about his new music, his past beef, and who he goes home to at the end of the night.

Welsey Stromberg
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In September 2012, the world fell in love with a little group called Emblem3. The X-Factor was coming to an end, and the three boys — brothers Wesley Stromberg and Keaton Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick — went on to tour the world. However, it eventually came to an end, and the band split apart when Drew’s mindset seemingly changed.

“He lost track of what was important: friends and family. He started letting it really get to his head,” Welsey, now 23, told HollywoodLife.com in a new exclusive interview. “It had him in a delusional place where he thought that he was the most important member of the group and that he should go off on his own. That was way too premature, and that made me and my brother have to continue on our own and doing our thing.”

Paige Kindlick

Wesley admitted that Drew briefly came back and the brothers tried again, but “the same thing happened” a second time. “It’s so sad. He’s just always had his own agenda and it’s not great for the group,” he said. However, regardless of social media fights, Wesley says he and Drew are on good terms these days. “I actually just saw him two weeks ago. He’s just really weird to be honest,” he said. “It’s so sad, because he’s not as fun and cool as he used to be. Something is just lost. I don’t know why, but he’s just not the same person. But we’re still friends, as in yes, I can text him like, ‘Hey bud want to go get coffee and talk?'”

Now, Keaton is putting together a band of his own, and runs a production company with Wesley. Wes, on the other hand, just released his single “If Only,” with producer Alek Finn, who he sites for bringing out a different side of him. “This is a more sensitive, intricate, intellectual side,” Wesley explained. “Before I was in your face, always jumping around. I love that, and it’s super fun, and I definitely want to get back to that too, but it’s been nice getting to find another side of me and bring that out.”

Paige Kindlick

He’s finishing up a very person EP, that will show many different pieces of him — including songs about his girlfriend, Amber Frank. While Wesley admits dating is hard for him, he’s finally found someone he’s “really excited” about. “I am dating the most beautiful, amazing girl,” he said about The Haunted Hathaways star. “It feels so good that I can just have somebody that I can hold and love that’s the same person every night.”

Of course, it’s difficult with the amount of work they’re both doing (“she’s savage!” he raves), but for him, that’s preferred. Women in the industry understand his non-stop schedule, as well as his many sides. “If Only” is just one of those sides — and there is more to come. I’m kind of like a chameleon, that I can do so many different things, and shades and colors,” he told us. “This is one vibe, but I have a lot more to come, and so… get ready.”

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