‘The Challenge XXX’: Jordan Crossed A Major Line & Jemmye Handled It Like A Boss

Sure, this is called the 'Dirty 30,' but Jordan took it to a whole new level on this week of 'The Challenge.'

CT Cara Maria
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Sure, season 30 of The Challenge may be based on the Dirty 30, but even Johnny Bananas was shocked at how dirty it got on Tuesday night. Following the first competition, the whole group went out, had a few drinks, then started a rap battle on the bus home. “Jordan, Jordan, you act so proud, but instead of getting smarter you just get more loud,” Ammo said to Jordan. Jemmye then chimed in with “You always act like a bi-ch. You keep touching Kailah like that, you gonna get that Cory itch.”

But it was Jordan who took it to the next level — and no one was okay with it. “Jemmye, Jemmye, why you comin’ at me with that bass? You’ve got that down syndrome face,” he said. No one cheered though; instead, the entire house went silent. “When you basically silence the entire bus with one phrase, you know it’s bad,” Johnny Bananas said. Of course, it came as a shock to most people in the house, since Jordan was born with only one hand, so no one expected him to make a joke out of a disability.

Later that night, it kept going. Jordan knew he was wrong, but since he didn’t just go home and go to bed, the whole house just became more and more angry, as he kept talking about it. He tried — sort of? — to apologize, but she was really upset. The next day, he was thrown into elimination based on what had happened — and took that moment in front of TJ Lavin to apologize.

“I absolutely regret what I said to you. I hate that I hurt you. I’m so sorry,” he said to Jemmye. She admitted off screen that she did forgive him, and really did believe that he was sorry. “You’re gonna encounter men in your life that speak down to you because of their own insecurities,” she said in her interview. “Just know your own self worth. Surround yourself with people, especially men, who uplift you. That’s all I really have to say about it.” Can we talk about how awesome Jemmye is for a minute?

HollywoodLifers, do you think you could forgive Jordan?

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