‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Scott & The Pack Fight To Stay Alive & [Spoiler] Returns

Double the 'Teen Wolf' means double the drama! The 2-hour Aug. 20 episode of the show featured Liam getting his butt kicked, Scott trying to make a deal, and a big return!

That kid on the lacrosse team, the one whose mouth got invaded by spiders? Well, he is still around. He goes to the morgue and pulls out that bloody, faceless corpse that everyone is afraid of. The kid opens his mouth and all the spiders come tumbling out. WTF? He collapses on the floor afterwards and the faceless corpse rises. This faceless corpse may be the grossest creature Jeff Davis has ever come up with.

A female werewolf gets attacked by a group of hunters. She fights them off and thinks she’s getting saved by a police officer, but she’s very wrong.The officer pulls a gun on the werewolf and shoots her. If you’re a werewolf in Beacon Hills, this is not a good time for you. Another werewolf who isn’t having the best luck right now is Liam Dunbar. After the situation with Brett and Lori, Liam does not want to go to school. Scott comes to drag Liam out of his bed. Scott wants Liam to pretend like nothing happened. Pretending like a whole bunch of people didn’t see him as a werewolf is not going to be easy, Scott. “They hate us for trying to save their lives,” Liam says, making a good point. However, Scott reminds Liam that more people could die if they don’t stay strong. He tells Liam to be like Clark Ken, which is funny because Dylan Sprayberry played a young Clark Ken in Man of Steel.

Liam listens to Scott and goes to school, even though he’s terrified. Everyone’s staring at Liam and whispering about him. Liam understandably gets paranoid. Mason tries to get him to calm down, but Corey walks over to them and says the situation is way worse than they all thought. Liam is desperate to leave, but Mason advises him to stay. The rumors will never stop if he leaves.

Later, Liam goes into the locker room and finds the team, led by Nolan, having a pow-wow about him. They all want Liam out as captain. Nolan and Liam are just seconds away from going at it when Coach walks in. Liam covers for Nolan and says he called the team meeting. He also tells Coach that he needs to take a break from the team and Nolan is the new captain.

Run, Run, Run

Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Argent have to figure out what to do next regarding Gerard. They know he is training this new and dangerous hunter, Monroe. Scott wants to make peace with Gerard to stop a war from happening. Argent offers to go and talk with his father. Scott’s even willing to bargain with Gerard. Argent goes to Gerard to negotiate, but Gerard is still harboring some major bad blood towards his son for shooting him. Gerard wants Scott to come to him if he wants to make a deal so badly. When Argent asks Gerard what to tell Scott, the mean old man says: “You tell him to run.”

Trying to escape the stares, Liam bolts into Monroe’s office at school. She starts pressing him to reveal who’s harassing him so that she can recruit them. Liam notices she’s reading books about the supernatural and has scratches on her neck. He knows she’s one of the hunters. Liam, you need to get the heck out there ASAP.

Argent runs to Melissa after meeting with Gerard and stresses that Scott needs to get out of Beacon Hills and fast. All Gerard wants is genocide. Melissa has never asked Scott to give up, and she’s not going to start now. “I’m not asking him to give up, I just want him to survive,” Argent says.

While looking through the crime scene photos of the hellhound, Parrish starts to freak out. That could have been him. He sees the faceless corpse inside the station and pulls his gun. Before he can shoot the creature, Stilinski stops him.

Deal Or No Deal

In a last ditch effort, Lydia goes to Monroe and asks if they can all coexist. Scott and his pack just want peace. Lydia also asks Monroe to meet with the pack. Monroe says she’ll meet with Scott in the tunnels. When Malia catches wind of this, she doesn’t want him to go. She thinks it’s too dangerous. Because she doesn’t want to reveal how she feels about Scott, things get a little awkward between them. Scott’s confused. Malia’s confused. Just tell him how you feel already, girl!

Scott heads to the tunnels to meet Monroe. She brought her friends and Gerard. Even though Monroe’s being a Grade A beeyotch, Scott still tries to broker a deal. Unfortunately, even if Scott and the pack leave Beacon Hills, Monroe will not be satisfied. She is not going to be satisfied until they’re all dead. Why is she such a hater? She was one of the people on the bus that the Beast tore apart last season. The Beast is the reason why she’s so terrified. Also, she hates that Scott never checked to see if anyone was still alive on the bus. She was all alone until Stilinski saved her.

Malia and Lydia show up to help Scott. Lydia warns that there’s a bigger problem at hand — the faceless corpse. This creature is nearby and amplifying the hunters’ fears. Suddenly, bullets starts flying everywhere. Parrish shows up and burns the corpse. Bless you, Parrish! Scott, Lydia, and Malia escape, but Gerard is not about to give up.

A Brutal Beatdown & A Big Return

Liam’s still at school and powering through the day. But no one wants to be Liam’s partner in class. This has to be the worst feeling ever. Corey and Mason learn that Nolan and his anti-Liam squad are going to try and make Liam shift in front of everyone. Corey attempts to get Liam out of the school with his invisibility powers, but Nolan catches them.

Nolan and his friend start beating the sh*t of Liam in front of all their classmates. They just keep punching and punching him. Thankfully, Coach comes to Liam’s rescue. He trashes the people who just stood around and watched Liam get his butt kicked. This is why we love Coach.

The female werewolf from the beginning of the episode shows up at Scott’s house and explains what happened. Scott realizes that everyone who is not part of the supernatural club is becoming a hunter.

But you know who’s alive? THEO! He’s being tortured by a hunter along with two other werewolves, Tierney and Chang. They’re repeatedly shocked over and over again by the creepy guy from Eichen House. Theo and two young werewolves manage to escape and leave the hunter there to die. KARMA!

Theo, Tierney, and Chang are stopped by Stilinski and arrested for murder! Turns out, Tierney and Chang killed some people. Scott begs Stilinski to release Tierney and Chang so he can keep them safe. Well, they’re all in a bad position at the moment. The hunters have surrounded the station.

Time To Fight Back

Deaton is back! He takes a trip to Eichen House to do some investigating. He goes to the room the hellhound was guarding for over a century. He comes out with a slab of concrete with a drawing on it.

Meanwhile, Mason and Corey try to find the root cause of the fear going around Beacon Hills. Everything started with the wolves. They go to Deaton’s office and they all team up. Deaton says he went to Eichen House to discover more about  the hellhound who imprisoned the creature — the one that came out of the Wild Hunt — that has terrified them all. He’s got one half of the drawing, and Corey draws the other half. Deaton figures out this creature is an ancient shapeshifter, also known as a Double Face, capable pitting everyone against each other. This creature uses fear to feed paranoia, anger, and violence. This shapeshifter has two faces, one beautiful and one hideous, so there may be two physical creatures initially. But if they come together, they’ll be unstoppable.

Back at the station, Stilinski is trying to prevent the mob of hunters from invading the station. The hunters want Tierney and Chang, who killed hunters. Scott and the pack are ready to fight for their lives. Stilinski has managed to get them until midnight to figure out a plan.  Nolan shows up and is put in handcuffs. Turns out, Chang knows him.

Theo pulls Liam into the bathroom and tells him it’s time to give up Tierney and Chang. They’re putting everyone in danger. Liam punches Theo! A smoke bomb goes off in the police station. Nolan gets out of the cuffs and tries to kill Tierney and Chang with wolfsbane. Liam catches Nolan before he can do any more damage.

However, Tierney and Chang aren’t exactly the most innocent people. Their eyes glow with that bright blue we know all too well. They admit to Scott they started hunting other hunters for revenge. The fear that’s spreading around Beacon Hills has found its way into the police station. One office hangs himself and another shoots herself in the head.

Scott’s got a plan. Since Monroe has never seen Chang or Tierney, they pose the dead police officers as them. They bring their bodies out to Monroe. Just when Monroe is about to catch on to their plan, Papa McCall shows up! Stilinski called him for help! He arrives to make a deal, which is for Scott and his pack to leave town. Tierney and Chang are taken away, but they’re later killed by another hunter.

Mason is devastated. He’s losing his boyfriend and his best friend. Malia grabs Scott’s hand as they head out together. Corey leaves Mason a message to go to the animal clinic. When Mason arrives, everyone’s there. The plan all along was to make everyone think they left. Now it’s time to fight back. My body is ready!

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