Here’s How To Give The Perfect Birthday Gift In A New Relationship

It’s everyone’s nightmare: you’ve been dating for two weeks, or six, or a few months, when suddenly, it’s your new partner’s birthday. What on Earth do you get them for the first birthday? Here’s your guide!

Girlfriend Giving Boyfriend A Birthday Present
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It can be awkward or “too soon” for certain presents in a new relationship, so we consulted Sean Jameson, the expert behind the Bad Girls Bible. Here are his tips and ideas for choosing the perfect gift!

1. Keep it appropriate for the stage of your relationship.
If you’ve been dating for 11 months and are madly in love with each other, then booking a romantic week away together can be totally appropriate. However, doing this after knowing each for just one month and meeting just exclusively for sex would be way too intense. Equally, if you’ve been dating for the last 11 months and are madly in love, then buying your SO a $5 dollar goofy, joke present would be a pretty bad idea.

2. Even if you’ve only been dating a short time, you can spend big if it feels right.
Refer back to Rule #1! You’ve just started seeing each other and the relationship is still new? Keep it small and don’t make too much of a big deal about it. You’ve met your soulmate and they feel the same way? Go ahead and splurge. In general, the more you BOTH invest in the relationship (meaning time and commitment to each other), the more you can and should invest in your presents to each other.

3. There are presents that you should avoid.
You probably already know what your SO hates and loves, but two things often trip people up when buying gifts. The first is things you are unsure about. For the most part, you should avoid these presents unless your SO lets you know that it’s something they want. The other is things YOU want them to have, but they may not want. This is the silent killer. You could be browsing through shops and see something that you feel your SO must have, even though you have no idea if they actually want it.

Finally, here are some ideas for a first birthday in a relationship: 

-A high quality wallet like those made by Saddleback Leather that come with a 100-year guarantee
-A Zippo lighter if they smoke
-A nice multitool from Leatherman or Swiss Army
-An event or experience that you can do together
-A Game Boy Color and Pokemon Gold/Silver
-A giant carton of Goldfish

You can learn more on the best gifts for guys by reading Sean’s in depth, ultimate gift guide for men on the Bad Girls Bible.

HollywoodLifers, what’s the best gift you’ve ever received in a relationship?

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