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4 Ways Girls Flirted In The 90’s That Are Due For A Comeback

Let's face it: flirting has taken a real turn for the dull in the age of digital everything. It's time to trade swiping right for classic flirting tricks of the 90's!

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Does flirting even exist anymore? It’s 2017, and most people are meeting online whether it be via social media or one of the dozens of dating apps we can download directly to our phones. Back in the day — and by that I mean the 90’s — flirting was an art form. It was a tried and true effort that needed to be put in if you wanted to get your crush’s number, and it’s due for a comeback. So let’s go over some of the basic but totally fun “vintage” ways to flirt. If we work together we can totally bring them back!

1.) Writing notes. That’s right, I actually want you to take a pen and a piece of paper and write something. No texts, no sliding into anyone’s DM’s — just plain old handwriting. This flirting technique would be best practiced in a situation where you are constantly in the presence of your crush. Are you in a class together? Do you work together? Maybe it’s someone you see at the gym? Keep the note simple: I think you’re cute. Let’s go out. The absolute worst thing that can happen is they ignore it and pretend that it never happened. Oh well, move on!

2.) Teasing. No, I don’t mean sending dirty texts — I mean teasing as in, poke a little fun. Remember how people used to tell their children that if a boy or girl was mean to you it meant they liked you? Still true. Keep it clean, keep it playful, and use it as your in. If the teasing is reciprocated and you can get a good banter going, you’re in. Make your move!

3.) Ask them out. This is a good follow up to #2, because it’s exactly what you should do next. Don’t text it, email it, tweet it, etc. Go up to the person you are feeling and say, “Can I take you to dinner this week?” Or it doesn’t have to be dinner, it could be for a drink (if you’re 21+, obviously), or brunch, or whatever you guys are into. If asking to actually take someone out on a date is too daring for you, keep it casual by trying to make plans. “Want to get lunch this weekend?” Again, what’s the worst they can do — say no? You’ll get over it.

4.) Make them a mixtape. Okay, I’ll admit that in this case it’s totally fine to stay digital and make an actual playlist. You can do it on Spotify or Soundcloud and send them the link, or you can make the pass more personal by putting it on a memory card/external hard drive. Nothing says “I’m into you” more than taking the time to put together a collection of songs you think they’ll like. Plus, it gives you something to talk about later!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are YOU going to try out any of these throwback flirting techniques? Comment below, let us know why or why not!