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Did Bella Thorne Have Lip Injections? Experts Say Yes — Everything To Know

Have you noticed something different about Bella Thorne? Some fans have pointed out that the actress appears to have had lip injections! And, multiple medical professionals have EXCLUSIVELY confirmed to HollywoodLife.com that Bella's underwent lip procedures!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Although Bella Thorne, 19, is extremely outspoken on social media, she hasn’t admitted to undergoing any plastic surgery or body-altering procedures. But, fans have recently noticed that the Famous In Love actress appears to have had her lips done. In her recent social media posts, Bella’s lips look larger than usual. So, HollywoodLife.com had to reach out to medical professionals to get the scoop on Bella’s new look! And, Nurse Lori Phoenix, who specializes in lip injections at the office of Dr. Joseph A. Russo, MD, as well as Charis Wipfler, APRN-FNP, BC, Owner/ Operator of Grace Medical Aesthetics in NYC, and Dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz, EXCLUSIVELY confirmed that Bella appears to have had some sort of lip augmentation!

Registered Nurse Lori answered these questions:
Do you think she had injections? How long do lip injections last? How long does it take to get them? is there bruising? — I believe she has filler in her lips even in her oldest photo based on their shape, especially her top lip. Depending on the product and technique, lip filler lasts from three to twelve months, with most people getting a treatment every 6-8 months to keep them looking their best. A lip injection treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. Bruising is always possible with any injection and is fairly unpredictable. Injector technique can play a huge role in bruising, and a patient should make sure to avoid any medication or vitamins that thin the blood for at least 3 days prior to treatment.

Do injection hurt your lips or stretch them out permanently? And how do you find a reputable doctor to do it? — Most fillers used for lip injection are hyaluronic-acid based gels. HA is something we have in our bodies and is not harmful. HA fillers are metabolized over several months and slowly dissolve. It does not stretch the lips out but does promote collagen production.

You want to make sure to go to an injector you know is legitimate and talented. Do not look simply for the best deals. (Get a bargain on your shoes, not your face.) Ask friends for referrals. Scan before and after photos on websites and social media. Youcan also typically do a “Find a Doctor” search on the websites of the major filler brands that will list their accounts.

In a recent kissy-face picture she posted to social media, fan have pointed out that her lips look different. What do you think? — They do appear to be over-lined with makeup, but the small bumps visible on the bottom lip, just to her left of the center, indicate a possible recent injection. These lumps can appear when using certain filler products and usually smooth out over a week or two after injection. The injector can also gently massage them smoother.

Then, Dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz weighed in on Bella’s head-turning appearance. “She definitely had filler’s no question about it,” he confirmed. “There is a new one called Volbella and a popular option is Restylane Silk. The average lip injection lasts for about a year.”

So, how does the new procedure work? — “We put a numbing cream on, so it’s not really painful,” he explained. “There could be some bruising, because we are using a needle. You should find a dermatologist or plastic surgeon with experience with injections.”

Can injections cause damage? — Lip injections don’t stretch or cause permanent damage. But when stars do this to the extreme, it’s very noticable. Done the right way, it’s very subtle and you can’t really tell. I call Bella‘s lips Banana Lips. More and more young people want bigger lips, and I tell them, it’s not going to look natural.

How long do lip injections last? — It’s a trend. But the good thing is it’s not permanent and they gradually get smaller over a year’s time. There is also an enzyme, Vitrase, which melts hylauronic acid over a few days if you‘re not happy with the look.

What do lip injections cost? — “It costs $500 to $1,000 depending on how big you go. You need just one treatment.”

Finally, Charis Wipfler, the main injector at her practice Grace Medical Aesthetics, also confirmed that she believes Bella has undergone lip procedures. “While we are never ones to kiss and tell, it does appear that Bella‘s lips have changed in a way that might not be by cosmetics alone,” she told us. “Her upper lip borders seem to be more defined, and she has increased lip height of the top lip. There are many different products that would create this outcome, and much like we do at Grace Medical Aesthetics, layering of different products is a great way to achieve those results. Using restylane in the lip border (vermilion) to create height and shape, and then layering with a softer product like restylane refyne or juvederm volbella would give that soft, natural plump.”

And, how can you find a reputable doctor to do to? — Wipfler said to make sure you do your research. “Find out who is allowed to inject in your state and what those regulations are. Ask for before and afters. Interview the practitioner and take a look at the space they work in. Is it clean? What are their credentials? How long have they been doing this procedure? Do they purchase all of their filler/injectibles from legal US distributors? If any of the answers don’t feel right – DON’T do it! There are a lot of hacks out there who lie about their social media/images and try to take advantage of those who aren’t injectible savvy. There are counterfeit injectibles out there. Ask to see the original product in the box. If your practitioner is legit, they should have no problem with that.”

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