Who Is Carl Lentz? 5 Things To Know About Justin Bieber’s Longtime Pastor Friend

Justin Bieber has been devoting even more time to his church lately, and that includes plenty of rendezvous with his Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz! Here are five things to know about the church leader.

Carl Lentz
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1. He’s very close with Justin Bieber. Carl Lentz, 32, and Justin are super tight. As a matter of fact, Justin considers Carl to be a father figure of his, especially since they’ve known each other since Justin was 14, according to TMZ. While Justin isn’t particularly close with his own dad Jeremy Bieber, Carl has actually visited Justin while touring in other countries. Plus, of course, he keeps him on track spiritually.

2. He has children of his own. Carl treats Justin like a son, but he actually does have three kids. Carl’s little ones Roman, Ava and Charlie are his whole world! He often posts pics hanging with his children, and of course his lovely wife Laura, too! He even calls the kids his “best friends” and takes twinning selfies with them! Awww.

3. He has other famous friends. Carl may have a special relationship with Justin, but he’s not his only star pal. Carl is also tight with Lil Wayne, Oprah, Scooter Braun, Russell Wilson, and tons more!

4. He is a lead pastor at Hillsong NYC. Carl and his wife Laura are the heads of the New York division of Hillsong Church. The duo has been together for 14 years, since 2003, and they’ve worked hard growing the church in that time.

5. When he’s not praying, he’s watching some b-ball! Carl’s Hillsong bio mentions that he’s a huge Knick’s fan, but it doesn’t stop there. He plays local pickup games, and he’s very close with many huge basketball players, sending messages of encouragement to guys like Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Iman Shumpert and more. He’s even said “there are only two times when I’m talking: balling and preaching.”

HollywoodLifers, does Carl seem like a cool guy to you? Let us know!

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