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Matthew & John Lowe: 5 Things To Know About Rob Lowe’s Cute Sons

Three time's a charm! Rob Lowe and his sons, Matthew and John, are hosting a new show exploring unsolved mysteries! So, here's everything you need to know about the actor's adorable sons!

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Can’t get enough of those shows about supposed alien encounters? Not able to ever get over how cute and charming Rob Lowe is?! Well, you’re in luck! The 52-year-old leading man has enlisted his two sons Matthew, 24, and John, 22, for a new A&E show, The Lowe Files, in which the trio will hit the road to get to the bottom of some of America’s unexplained incidents! We’re obviously hoping Rob adds his signature comedy to the proceedings as well! With their new show headed to the airwaves, now feels like the perfect time to get to know Matthew and John a little better! Who exactly are Rob’s sons? Here’s 5 things every fan should know! Check out these amazing pics of the Parks & Recreation alum right here!

1) Matthew and John are a couple of smart cookies! Not only did these two get their dad’s striking good looks, they’re also a brainy bunch! Matthew is a Duke University grad and now he’s getting his law degree at Loyal University! As for John, well, he graduates from Stanford next year! So yeah…Rob’s going to have some sharp, analytical minds on hand when they go hunting for Bigfoot!

2) Matthew is a serious outdoorsman! Whether it’s searching for sharks off the coast of Santa Barbara, rolling up on a herd of zebras in southern Kenya, or catching himself a gigantic tuna, this guy dives in! John likes the outdoors as well but he keeps his activities a little more laid-back, like relaxing by the lake when taking a break from studying!

3) Rob has been debating supernatural mysteries with his sons their entire lives. That’s right, the genesis of their new show is Rob and his sons’ longstanding enthusiasm for all things unexplained! This includes everything from ghosts and aliens to Native American lore!

4) It turns out, Matthew is the brave one! During a July 24 interview with AOL’s Build Series, the trio revealed that while filming the show’s season finale something truly terrifying happened. Although they didn’t give away details on the incident, Rob’s youngest son John made this admission: “We learned that in situations of intense potential danger [Rob] and I immediately drop to the floor in like a starfish position and just try to take up as little space as possible.” Rob added: “And Matthew, who does not have the fear component, starts looking for weapons.”

5) John is a seriously gifted pianist! In a June 14 Instagram post, the 22-year-old shared a stunning clip of himself tickling the ivories with the caption: “Figured I’d share the joy of finally getting to stretch my fingers after wearing a cast for 8 weeks… wrote this little piece last year.” You read that correctly, he wrote the music he’s playing! The Lowe Files premieres Aug. 2 at 10 p.m. on A&E!

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