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Nina Dobrev Drinks This Delicious Shake Every Morning For Lean Muscles: Her Recipe To DIY

Nina Dobrev has spent the past couple of months secretly training with Les Mills instructor Lissa Bankston, and now her body is amazing! Here is the exact chocolate shake she drinks to recover from her intense workouts!

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Nina Dobrev is the newest Reebok brand ambassador, and just hosted an event promoting their fashion collaboration with Les Mills. I worked out with Nina in New York City on July 20, and in between sessions, she spoke about how she stays in shape on the road and despite her busy schedule. “I make [working out] a priority because it makes me feel better when I’ve done something each day. Whether it’s a quick workout or a long one — my favorite is the Les Mills Grit because it’s 30 minutes. You’re in, you’re out, and I’m constantly on the go, and don’t have that much time to dilly dally so it’s a great way to sweat it out, and feel like you did something really intense and be on to the next thing.”

As far as what she eats, she shared a delicious recipe! “I’m a bit of a creature of habit so every single day after my workout I make a shake. It’s a delicious coconut peanut butter from Hawaii — this brand called North Shore Goodies, their peanut butter, you can only get it there, you have to ship it, and it’s really expensive but its worth it, I swear! I put that with chocolate protein powder, spinach, 1/2 a banana, almond milk, ice, water and cinnamon. It tastes like a milkshake and feels like you’re cheating, but you’re not!”

YUM, that sounds amazing! Nina says she is all about a “detox, then re-tox” lifestyle, which is basically that everything is a balance.

HollywoodLifers, will you copy Nina Dobrev’s diet & try her morning smoothie?