‘Descendants 2’: The 7 Most Wicked Moments Of The Amazing Sequel

'Descendants 2' was absolutely incredible! The entire movie from start to finish was full of fun and amazing musical numbers! Here are the 7 best moments of the sequel!

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*”Chillin Like A Villain” was the movie’s best musical number. Sofia Carson shined as the lead vocalist. The number was the perfect transition from Auradon to the Isle of the Lost. It was also a great way to see another side of Mitchell Hope as Ben. “Chillin Like A Villain” was a total jam in Descendants 2, and the dancing was key. Sofia, Mitchell, Cameron Boyce, and Booboo Stewart really killed it.

*Mal’s makeover was such a fun scene. It was so great to see Mal take a deep breath and finally get back to being her true self. Plus, her first run-in with Harry Hook (Thomas Doherty) was very memorable. He was so deliciously wicked.

*I can’t say enough good things about this song. Dove Cameron and Sofia were amazing singing “Space Between.” In addition to the song, the scene tugged at your heartstrings. Through it all, Evie and Mal have had each other. They’re BFFs to the end. This song and scene was the perfect example of that. Mal and Evie’s friendship will always be one of the best aspects of BOTH movies.

*Uma, Uma, Uma! As a huge Descendants fan, I was worried how the sequel was going to top the first one. The introduction of Uma (China Anne McClain), the daughter of Ursula, was perfect. In Descendants 2, Uma was sassy, confident, and a true leader. She had her pirate gang and was running the show on the Isle. When Mal returned to the Isle, she got understandably threatened. She was able to get under Mal’s skin big time and vice versa. Here’s the funny thing: Mal and Uma are a lot alike, they just won’t admit it.

*Descendants 2, directed by the legendary Kenny Ortega, led to a big face-off between Mal’s crew and Uma’s pirate gang after Uma kidnapped Ben. Mal went to save her man, but Uma made sure she put up a fight. “It’s Goin Down” had a major hip hop vibe, with China and Dove killing it on vocals. The sword fight was also pretty darn epic.

*Uma mimicking what her mother did in The Little Mermaid with Ben was just iconic. She had the beautiful dress on and Ben wrapped around her little finger while a stunned Mal (like Ariel!) watched on. Well played.

*Let’s talk about that ending! After the final musical number, the camera panned to Uma in the water, She turned towards the screen and said, “You didn’t think this was end of the story, did you?” NOW GIVE US DESCENDANTS 3!

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