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Kevin Hart: Inside His First Failed Marriage Leading Up To New Cheating Allegations

As Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish continue to laugh off cheating rumors, some fans were surprised to learn that he was once married to another woman. Let's go inside Kevin's first failed marriage that he admittedly 'messed up' after cheating...

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Kevin Hart & Ex-wife Torrei
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Kevin Hart, 38, is known for turning his real life situations into hilarious standup comedy acts. And, that’s exactly what he did in 2013, when his movie, Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain hit theaters. The comedian appropriately titled the movie — which was a box office hit — because he wanted to tell his side of the story after he and his first wife, Torrei Hart divorced in 2011. After their imploded, Kevin was surrounded by a media frenzy, where he was accused of cheating. And, those accusations turned out to be true.

Long story short — The demise of Kevin’s first marriage was a combination of cheating and lying. But, let’s dig further. In his 75-minute standup, inside a sold out Madison Square Garden, Kevin admitted that he was the type of person, where once he started lying about things, he couldn’t stop. As a fan of Kevin’s, I’d like to clarify that I’m not trying to make him out to be the bad guy; that’s just what he happened to divulge. “I’m a f–king liar. I just am,” Kevin told a laughing crowd. “Understand something people, lying will ruin your life… lying ruined my marriage,” he said, adding, “That’s a lie. I cheated. Let’s talk about it though. Let’s figure it out.”

Before he began, Kevin warned the audience not to judge him. “I cheated. Am I ashamed of it? No I’m not,” he answered. The audience, including myself, were confused at the time. The comedian even said that he didn’t wish he could take it back, only because he believes in taking responsibility for his mistakes. “I f–ked up,” he admitted. Watch him explain further, in the below clip from his movie.

So, what was really the problem that led to the demise of Kevin’s first marriage? — Although he did cheat, it was the attempted coverup that was the real issue, to him at least. “Do I think cheating was the problem [in my marriage]? No,” he said. “Cheating was not the problem; Lying about cheating was the problem.” Kevin even admitted that if he would’ve been honest with Torrei, they may have even worked it out.

While it’s unclear who Kevin cheated on Torrei with, he did paint a clear picture of what happened on that very drunk night. He was out with friends, including his best friend Harry Ratchford, until 4 AM. When Kevin walked in the house, stumbling, Torrei “went off,” he said. She felt as though something was going on, and accused him of cheating. And, Kevin denied it [lie no. 1]. Then, he told Torrei that he would prove he didn’t cheat by calling Harry so Harry could explain what happened [lie no. 2]. This was when Kevin relied on his unspoken guy code with Harry. But, Harry was seemingly too drunk to catch on. And, that’s when sh-t really hit the fan. Harry ended up admitting, while on speaker phone, that Kevin “was with that b–ch with the fat a-s,” before he went home to Torrei. Harry also made another comment about Kevin hooking up with other “white b–ches.” It’s also been reported that in her divorce docs, Torrei allegedly claimed Kevin cheated with his now-wife, Eniko Parrish, 32, who he met in 2009. SO, the rest was history. Kevin and Torrei eventually divorced after eight years of marriage [2003-2011] and two children, Heaven, 12, and Hendrix, 9.

Although things were tense between Kevin and Torrei at one point, they eventually made peace. During an Oct. 2016 interview, with Chelsea Handler, 42, in her Netflix show [Chelsea], Kevin admitted that he and Torrei were in a good place [at the time]. “I will say that me and my ex-wife, regardless of the problems we went through, are in an amazing place now where we’re friends, we’re great parents, we’re coparents.” And, he addressed their failed marriage once again.

“I was young on my first marriage, Chelsea,” the comedian said. “I’m not ashamed to say it, guys. I got married at the age of 22. I was still all over the place. I didn’t really understand the definition of marriage. I wasn’t ready for it, so I take responsibility. I can say I messed my first marriage up. I’m man enough to say that.” Kevin alluded to his cheating when he added, “At the same time, that was when I was in the prime of my sexy, so don’t blame me. That’s when I was figuring it out.”

Later in the interview, Kevin even admitted that it took him some time to marry Eniko as well. “To make this big step, it took me some time,” he confessed to Chelsea. “It took seven years.” Now, as you may know, Kevin is in the middle of an alleged cheating scandal, which he’s continued to laugh off. On July 19, photos emerged that reportedly showed Kevin getting cozy with another woman, who is now thought to be Latin singer and Miami native, Monique. However, the woman’s identity has not been confirmed at this time.

The only thing we do know is, Kevin and Eniko, who is currently six months pregnant with she and Kevin’s first child, don’t seem to be sweating the pesky cheating rumors. Hopefully, it’s all a misunderstanding!

HollywoodLifers, do you believe the cheating rumors surrounding him and Eniko?