‘Bachelorette’ Fans Heartbroken For Dean After Having His Devastating Issues With Dad Exposed

Hometown dates on 'The Bachelorette' can be filled with awkward moments. It was off the charts heartbreaking when Rachel Lindsay met Dean's dad for the first time, as father and son hadn't spoken in two years!

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**WARNING: BACHELORETTE SPOILERS AHEAD*** The most heartbreaking hometown date in The Bachelor/Bachelorette history officially goes to Dean Unglert, who brought Rachel Lindsay “home” to meet his estranged father who he hasn’t spoken to in years. The 26-year-old revealed beforehand how he felt abandoned by his dad after his mom died when he was just 15-years-old. Things got even worse when his father decided to become a member of the Sikh religion, causing father and son to not speak for over two years since his conversion. He brought Rachel “home” for a visit on the July 17 episode and it ended up turning into a super painful confrontation that not even good-natured Rachel could help resolve.

Dean and Rachel showed up to greet his Sikh Kundalini yogi dad, who welcomed the couple into his Colorado home, introduced him to his new wife with a religious ritual and then served some homemade food. But there was SO much tension and Dean had so many pent up feelings towards his dad that he just couldn’t contain. Clearly his family situation was incredibly toxic and the meeting likely never would have occurred if Dean wasn’t on the reality show. The poor guy seemed genuinely uncomfortable and vented about about how he felt his dad had deeply let him down. Rachel tried to step in but his father walked out on Dean, saying he had to cut off their meeting to process everything that had been said.

After that kind of heartbreaking family situation which Dean put himself through for Rachel, we at least expected him to get a rose at the end of the show. Especially since he told the 31-year-old lawyer that he was falling in love with her. But NOOOO!!!! Rachel cut him! She told him the bad news during the rose ceremony, saying “I want you to know that I believe you are an absolutely amazing person and I’m so sorry I have to do this.” A devastated Dean told her, “I hope you find what you’re looking for.” Viewers were absolutely crushed by what they saw, taking to Twitter to reveal how much it hurt to watch the entire situation.


Just in case you forgot, here was Dean’s devastating revelation to Rachel about how his father abandoned him and how he never had a real family after his mom died:

HollywoodLifers, did watching Dean’s heartbreaking scene with his dad make you uncomfortable as well?