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Angelina Jolie: She’s Worried About Brad Pitt & Quentin Tarantino’s Potential Team Up On New Film

Angelina Jolie has serious concerns that Brad Pitt is rumored to be going back to work with Quentin Tarantino, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned! Why is she not sure about the reunion?

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Brad Pitt‘s name has entered in the mix for Quentin Taratino‘s next movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Angelina Jolie reportedly heard about her ex’s potential next role and wasn’t thrilled. “Angelina has heard the buzz about Quentin wanting Brad for his new movie and she is not pleased,” a source close to the actress EXCLUSIVELY told “She’s worried about what kind of influence Quentin will be on Brad. He’s a bit of a partier in her opinion and not someone Brad should be spending time with, period.”

You might remember Brad, 53, worked with Quentin before on Inglourious Basterds in 2009. The director has been rumored to be circling A-listers like Brad and Jennifer Lawrence for a movie about the Manson family murders. Angelina’s reportedly afraid Quentin, 54, might lead Brad back down a partying path after he’s made so much progress. Brad has admitted that he had been “boozing too much” and it was part of the reason for his split with Angelina. At the end of the day, Angelina, 42, won’t make Brad turn down the role. “She’ll leave it up to Brad to make the decision,” the insider revealed. “You can bet that she’ll have a lot to say if he does sign on to work with Quentin again.” In the meantime, Brad has lately been taking his healthy lifestyle to new heights and has never looked better. He has been totally making us swoon with his ripped bod!

Brad has always been in good shape for all his life so it was easy to bounce back into the body he has now,” a source explained to “He is happy, relaxed and is now getting familiar with his new life as a single man. The way he looks is not a revenge body at all, he just wants to live healthy and be happy. And that is exactly what is happening and his body is benefiting from his healthy lifestyle. Plan to see this Brad Putt for a long time.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think Angelina should be worried about Brad? Do you want him to do another movie with Quentin?