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Nico Tortorella: ‘Younger’ Star Reveals Polyamorous Relationship With Lesbian Partner

'Younger' star Nico Tortorella's family is anything but typical, but it's still full of love and support. He opened up about his 11-year polyamorous relationship with Bethany Meyers, and it's so touching!

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Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers
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It’s nobody’s business but your own who you love and how your relationship is, but Younger star Nico Tortorelli, 28, and his partner Bethany Meyers decided to tell their story anyway. They opened up for the Sept. issue of The Advocate on July 11 to talk about their unconventional, queer, beautiful relationship. Though Nico is a bisexual man and Bethany is a lesbian woman, they’ve managed to fall in love and make it work, even with bringing other people into their “family”! See pics from Younger, here.

“So many people have this idea that if you can love this, you cannot love this… And I don’t understand, because I do,” explained Bethany. “I can have feelings for two people. There are different kinds of feelings, they fulfill different needs. I don’t find it very realistic to think that I’m going to get everything I need out of Nico.” Nico totally understands that, and for the most part, jealousy isn’t a problem in their evolved relationship. However, there is one scenario that would bother him.

“I think if you’re dating another woman and you talk about adopting a kid, or using [my semen] to have a kid, outside of us, yeah, I totally can get behind that,” Nico explains of his partner’s other relationships. “But the thought of you getting pregnant from another dude that you were dating, I don’t know, it hurts in a different way.” We can totally understand that! Meanwhile, Nico longs for that responsibility. I “would give it all up, everything in my life, to be able to carry a child myself,” he said.

“We’re still figuring out the best way we can bring other people into our relationship,” says Nico. “I think we’re in the best place now [that] we’ve ever been, but we’re definitely still on an amateur level.” He even asks for experts and more advanced couples to give him advice about this lifestyle. For now, their biggest issue is struggling to fit other people into their overwhelming love. “[Past partners] didn’t fully realize and understand who we are and what we mean to each other,” says Nico. “Like, ‘OK, you have Bethany, [but] where do I fit into the puzzle?’ ‘Am I ever going to be as important as Bethany is?’ And what’s the answer to that? How do I best answer that question?”

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Nico just wants society to move past this weird place where people are judged for their sexualities, and he does everything he can to make it “normal” in his podcast The Love Bomb. “I think that if we all just saw each other for people and individuals and didn’t try to give each other these [labels], the world would be such a more beautiful place. There would be so much more love if we just saw each other.” So true!

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