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Justin Bieber Blasts Hillsong Music In Inspirational Video: ‘Let The Devil Know, Not Today’

Justin Bieber is letting his fans know he's still Team Jesus in a spiritual new Instagram post. Watch him bust out moves while sharing the Hillsong Church's inspirational new song 'Not Today.'

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Justin Bieber
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Not today Satan! Yes, Ariana Grande, 24, once famously told that to Justin Bieber, 23, but now he’s telling the world that he’s also saying no to the devil (and just to be clear, the Biebs is not Satan). The singer is a proud member of the Hillsong Church and they recorded a new Christian pop song called “Not Today,” which the singer is spreading the gospel about it via his Instagram account. Justin posted a video of himself with his back turned to the camera, looking out at a body of water while pretending to sing along to the chorus, moving his hands in wild gestures and all. The sunlight makes it look super God-like and as a woman’s voice is heard singing “Let the devil know not today.”

“Let the devil know NOT TODAY! The devil has no power when you know the LIVING God! His name is JESUS!! Why worry when you can worship,” the Biebs captioned the video. There’s no doubt that his devotion to spirituality has helped him turn a corner from his bad-boy ways. His pastor Carl Lentz has been accompanying Justin on his stadium tour and he’s managed to stay out of the headlines for any troublemaking behavior as he’s criss-crossed the world

Justin prefers to keep his life within Hillsong private and something he can call his own, so it’s somewhat surprising that he’s doing something to draw attention to his house of worship. But hey, he’s just spreading the gospel and letting his fans know his faith is as strong and alive as ever. After all, he has “Son of God” tattooed across his chest, not to mention a large tattoo of Jesus on his leg. He literally wears his spiritual beliefs on his body.

HollywoodLifers, do you have spiritual beliefs like Justin does?