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Blac Chyna Cruises Around In Sports Car: Is She Proving Rob Hasn’t Repo’d Her Rides?

What repossession? Amid the Rob Kardashian social media meltdown, Blac Chyna cruised around town in a red sports car. Could this be evidence that her ex didn't take away the rides?

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Blac Chyna
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Rob Kardashian‘s, 30, threats are looking a little empty-handed right now. After the reality star hinted that he would repossess all of Blac Chyna‘s, 29, cars (or at least the ones he paid for), she was spotted driving along the highway in a red Ferrari. It looks a lot like the one he bought her for her 29th birthday. A friend of Chyna’s recorded a short video of the former stripper cruising around town at night, which she later posted on Instagram on July 4. Could this be evidence that her ex hasn’t actually repossessed the cars yet? Obviously Chyna is sending a message to everyone who’s following their latest feud.

Rob’s Instagram page was totally wiped clean after being flagged for inappropriate content. The sock designer shared pictures of Chyna’s bare boobs and butt, but apparently dodged the California “Revenge Porn” law. Experts say he didn’t commit a crime because Chyna “liked” the photos, which suggests she didn’t experience any “emotional trauma.” Rob also went on multiple rants, claiming that she cheated, slept with guys in his bed, and spent him a video of her licking a guy’s face just to spite him. The Arthur George creator also said that he paid $100 grand for his former fiancée’s post-baby surgeries and that her work-out videos are all a lie.

After going back and forth for months, we think it’s safe to say that Rob and Chyna are D-O-N-E. Some of his family members, like Kylie Jenner, are thrilled to be rid of her while others still can’t believe this feud is happening. Kris Jenner became “ill” at the sight of it, has EXCLUSIVELY learned, and thinks it’s a “complete nightmare.”

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