Ali Fedotowsky Reveals How To Indulge In Your Favorite Carbs Without The Guilt & The Gain

How can you get in summertime fine shape, while still enjoying bread and pasta? Ali Fedotowsky has the mental and physical formula to being the best you, even if you're crazy busy! And, she gave the EXCLUSIVE scoop!

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With a booming career, a new baby and a constant, busy schedule, Ali Fedotowsky, 32, is a self-proclaimed “professional multi-tasker.” And, when EXCLUSIVELY spoke with the former Bachelorette, she shared her tricks and tips to everything from working out, to eating on the go. And, get this — Ali eats pasta every day! We know what you’re thinking, “How is that possible?” Well, she shared all of her secrets with us and we’re obviously here to pass them on to you just in time for summer! [Watch the full interview, below.]

Enjoying carbs, but not feeling bad about it — Ali loves pasta — a food that we all tend steer clear of since it falls in the carb category. But, you don’t have to sacrifice your cravings or favorite foods because of the fear of belly bulge. Instead, you just have to do it the right way! Ali strategically eats her pasta, or her favorite carb, in the morning. Yes, her breakfast is pasta. And, that’s because she spends the entire day burning it off. Not to mention, carbs provide the body with energy, so, she’s ready to take on any task for the day. Since Ali eats the majority of her carbs in the morning, she also waits to have her coffee until the afternoon; when she’s subject to feeling a bit tired. She does have a baby, after all. And, by consuming her carbs in the morning and her coffee later in the day, it keeps her energized and alert to make good and healthy food decisions all day long.

New mom? No problem! — As a new mom to Molly [11 months], Ali can’t get to the yoga studio [her favorite workout] as much as she’d like. So, she turns her home into her own workout sanctuary. And, that’s what she encourages new moms and anyone who just doesn’t have the time, to do. “My big go-to at home is doing squats, while holding my daughter,” Ali admitted. As for the arm workouts? — “I just hold her and lift her up and down,” she said. Simple, right?

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Working on that workout mentality — A common trend  in the fitness world is the struggle of just making it to the gym; putting on the workout clothes and actually getting there. But, there’s a solution. It’s all about the “small commitments to yourself,” Ali said. “I say, ‘OK all you have to do is put on your yoga clothes and drive to the parking lot. At that point, if you don’t want to work out anymore, you don’t have to go into the yoga class.” And, it’s like a trick — By the time you get to the gym, dressed to kill, your mind just talks you into saying, “OK, I’m already here. I might as well go in.”

Snacking healthy on the go — As a new mom, who’s also very busy, like a lot of you, Ali takes baby steps and snacks smart. Her recommendations? — Goodnessknows squares! The delicious squares are made with real fruit and have a healthy amount of nuts and dark chocolate to curb cravings and supply you with a sufficient amount of protein. And, in just one pack, there’s only 150 calories! Ali’s bonus tip? — “Sometimes, if I just need a little something, I’ll only have two squares, which equal about 75 calories; and, just save the rest for later.”

Don’t succumb to the pressures of the “perfect body” — “I feel like us women, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to become ‘bikini ready,'” Ali said, adding, “I hate that term.” Her method? — It’s all about the domino effect. “It’s about taking small steps to being a better you. We need to stop putting pressures on ourselves and focus on doing little steps and little things to slowly feel better. When you feel better, you look better; and, it’s cyclical. You don’t have to crash diet and go to the gym eight hours a day, 7 days a week.”

SO, how do you get started? — It’s all about swapping and embracing change. “Instead of grabbing the donut, grab the Goodnessknows bar; instead of going to a crazy class that’s going to wipe out all of your energy, do a little yoga at home. It’s all about the little tiny steps.”

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