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‘Pretty Little Liars’: Troian Bellisario Reveals Original Series Finale Ending & It’s Wild

The 'Pretty Little Liars' series finale could have been VERY different. Troian Bellisario spilled the original ending for the show in a post-finale interview. Would A.D. have gotten away with everything?

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Alex Drake Pretty Little Liars
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The Pretty Little Liars series finale was the perfect way to end the beloved series, but the show originally had other plans for A.D. and Spencer. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this — but I think originally the ending was supposed to be a little bit different where Alex had kind of gotten away with it a little bit more, and the only person that was onto her was Toby,” Troian Bellisario, 31, told Entertainment Tonight. ” But I think that ultimately would’ve left things too much up in the air and we would’ve been worried for Spencer.”

Whew! If the show would have left things open like that, we would all be seriously stressing out about it right now. The series finale ended with Alex Drake and Mary Drake being held hostage as dolls in Mona’s real-life dollhouse. Talk about karma! After all Spencer had been through, she didn’t deserve to have the threat of danger hovering over her any longer. Troian continued,”So it was really fun because this way, Spencer got a happy ending, and all the girls got a happy ending, and Alex got to be with her family – which is great, but also in a little bit of a tricky situation.”

In addition to the ending, A.D. could have looked different as well. Showrunner Marlene King, 55, revealed that her original plan was to make Wren Kingston A.D., but Julian Morris, 34, wasn’t available to be a series regular. When the idea for Spencer’s secret twin to be A.D. started to evolve, Marlene told Troian at the beginning of season 5. Once the idea became a reality, Marlene dropped some major hints about Spencer’s twin over the years leading up to the series finale that many fans (like myself) didn’t catch! Is anyone else already missing Pretty Little Liars?

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