How To Get The Braless Look Without Sacrificing Support: 8 Life-Changing Style Hacks

With all the backless silhouettes there's never been a better time to go braless! Can't afford to step out sans bra? Here's how you can achieve the look with ease.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

This summer all of the latest trends seem to be dominated by silhouettes that support going braless — even if the trend itself isn’t all that supportive on it’s own. Want to skip out on wearing a bra but unsure how you’ll be able to defy gravity? Don’t stress — we have eight tips that will make you feel confident enough to ditch your bra.

Get creative with your undergarments:

There are now more options than ever before if you’re stepping out sans bra. Sure, sticky, backless bras aren’t anything new, but there are so many other options that have us seriously excited about low-cut tops. For starters, there’s the u-plunge bra which is perfect for low-cut dresses, tops, and jumpsuits — also great for wrap dresses, too! Fashion Forms also makes the Voluptuous Silicone Lift Bra which offers way more support than your typical sticky bra, making it the best gravity-defying option. There’s also Sneaky Vaunt, the strapless, backless lace-up bra that you’ve probably seen all over Instagram, which promises to bring your chest closer together thanks to the lace-up detailing, creating cleavage. Although we wouldn’t recommend it for all day use, if you’re a C cup or under you will probably see the best results from this bra.

Embrace Bra Converter Straps:

Does your dress or shirt have a cutout right where your bra strap falls? Don’t stress — an affordable way to fake the braless look and keep the support you need is with a bra converter strap. Simply hook it onto your favorite bra and it’ll transform it into the perfect option for low dresses, tops, and more.

…And Silicone Pasties:

Silicone pasties will keep your nipples concealed under any type of fabric, making them a way better option than paper or cloth pasties.

Opt for structured silhouettes:

If you select a structured top or dress it’ll offer more support than say, a baggy tee, making it much easier to go sans bra. Stretchy fabrics are also way better than a traditional cotton top.

The halter top is your new best friend:

Having the ability to adjust your shirt or dress makes the halter top the ideal silhouette for stepping out sans bra, because you’re in control of how much you want to show.

Double-Sided tape is a requirement:

Will double-sided tape defy gravity? No — but it will ensure you don’t suffer a nip slip! Sometimes we get so caught up with how to keep our chest up that we forget about this basic, and very crucial, step.

If all else fails, embrace your bikini top:

Want to rock a completely plunging top or bodysuit but don’t think double-sided take is gonna cut it? Rock a triangle bikini top beneath the silhouette — although you’ll see the slight string it won’t be as distracting as your regular bra. The same sentiment applies to lacy bralets, too.