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Did Alicia & Jake’s Hookup On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Just Seal His Fate?

It finally happened, Jake and Alicia have hooked up on 'Fear The Walking Dead'! But, what does it mean -- especially for Jake? Let's review!

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Things got very hot and heavy on the fifth episode of Fear The Walking Dead‘s third season, but it was something we all saw coming. The chemistry between Jake Otto (Sam Underwood) and Alicia Clarke (Alycia Debnam-Carey) was tangible after they were forced to protect each other against the dead in the dessert overnight. Once they returned back to the Otto family ranch it seemed as if they would be going their separate ways, but something kept bringing them back to one another. Then, finally, during episode five, Alicia made her way to Jake’s bunk for a little one-on-one time. Although the show cut to black, it was made clear that Jake and Alicia had sex when he literally said it out loud just moments after. A little awkward… but we’ll take it!

Now, here’s the problem with Alicia and Jake’s hookup: she has the kiss of death. Let’s not forget her boyfriend in season one, Matt, who stood her up on a date because he was dying at home. He got bit off-screen and when Alicia showed up to care for him he eventually forced her to leave with her parents. The last we saw of Matt was a shot of his parents arriving home later that night, though it’s insinuated that he’s likely dead inside and attacks them. Yikes. So, that’s boyfriend number one. Let’s not forget Jack, from season two. Alicia and Jack met and bonded over their boat radios, but it turned out that he was just trying to reel her and her family in so they could raid their boat for supplies. However, Jack later made it very clear that he had real feelings for Alicia and begged her to run away with him, but she chose to return to her family instead. While Jack wasn’t exactly left for dead, we haven’t seen him since.

Some might also say that Alicia had a brief flirtation going on with Andres in season two, who she was later forced to kill after he led an attack on Travis. If you count Andres, that makes for three guys that Alicia has come in close contact with that are either dead or missing. That’s not a very good track record, is it? Needless to say, that leaves Jake’s fate up in the air — especially if he continues to go head-to-head with his own brother, Troy, who has a real mean streak. In fact, in the preview for episode six which will air on Sunday, July 2, we briefly see Troy punching someone who looks a lot like Jake directly in the face. Not good.

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