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Jordan Gielchinsky: 5 Things To Know About Corinne Olympios’ Boyfriend

Corinne Olympios and her beau Jordan Gielchinsky have been inseparable amid her 'Bachelor in Paradise' scandal, but we still don't know too much about him. Here are the facts we do have!

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Jordan Gielchinsky Corinne Olympios
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Jordan Gielchinsky has proven himself to be Corinne Olympios, 24, knight in shining armor since she returned home from Mexico after production on Bachelor in Paradise came to a screeching halt a couple of weeks ago, once she alleged that fellow contestant DeMario Jackson had sexually assaulted her while she was drunk. Jordan has been behind Corinne every step of the way in her allegations and supporting her at every turn. Here’s everything you need to know about him. Click here to see Bachelor Nation scandals.

1. He is a very private person. All his social media pages are private and some (like his LinkedIn and Facebook profiles) don’t even have his picture. His Instagram profile says “never settle,” but he’s not very active on the account, with just 48 posts. However, he does have 1,170 followers and is following 300 people. All his profiles point to him living in Miami.

2. He is the president of a tobacco company in Miami. According to his LinkedIn profile, Jordan runs the Giel York Tobacco Corporation, where he has worked for nearly 5 years. “Giel York Tobacco Corporation is estimated to generate $122,762 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 2 people at this single location,” the business description reads on Buzzfile.com.

3. He and Corinne started dating before she went on Bachelor in Paradise. The media first discovered that Corinne was dating Jordan when she returned from Mexico after BiP shutdown production due to Corinne’s sexual assault allegations against DeMario. The couple were caught out and about in LA and he has not left her side since she returned home.

4. He was okay with Corinne participating on BiP under one condition. “Corinne and her BF, Jordan Gielchinsky, agreed she would NOT hook up with other cast members, and was only going to do the show to get pub for her new clothing line,” sources told TMZ. “Her plan was to be on for a couple episodes, and then bow out.”

5. Corinne allegedly had a fiance a few months before leaving for ‘BiP’ — and it could have been him. In March, Corinne’s former boyfriend Keith Berman revealed she was “engaged” to someone she had been dating for three years. “She literally pressed upon the fact to me that they were still together,” Keith told Us of his discussion with Corinne about her longtime off-on boyfriend. “She said to me, ‘We’re still together. I don’t want anyone to know — you have to keep this a secret for me.’ And I said, ‘OK, I’ll do whatever you want.’ That was what she had told me in person.” That same month, Corinne said she was not engaged, nor dating anyone, and was open to appearing on Paradise. Whether or not that was true, and whether or not her “fiance” was Jordan, is up for debate.

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