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‘Ridiculousness’: Chanel West Coast Goes Off On Charlamagne Tha God

Charlamagne Tha God set off Chanel West Coast during a heated episode of 'Ridiculouness' on June 15. He called her a 'whack rapper' and she spit her entire resume in his face! The argument was so tense that Rob Dyrdek admittedly couldn't control it!

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Note to self: Don’t mess with Chanel West Coast, 28, OR Charlamagne Tha God, 36! The two got into it on a recent episode of Ridiculousness and the show’s host, Rob Dyrdek, 42, couldn’t even control the situation! Things were calm, while the guests discussed Charlamagne’s tough exterior. However, things took a dark turn when he decided to live up to the hype.

Charlamagne recalled the time that he said he told Chanel she was a “whack rapper.” Chanel remembered the moment and said, “I’m just saying you could have opinions but that doesn’t mean they’re right though.” And, that’s when the crowd got riled up. Then, Charlamagne took things to another level when he addressed the crowd. “Have you guys ever heard her rap?” he asked. “OK. Good for the people that said no.” Did he really say that?

Chanel was instantly infuriated after Charlamagne’s disses. She stood up, flailed her arms in the air, and got in his face. “Lil Wayne who co-signed Drake and Nicki Minaj, is the same person that co-signed me,” she said in defense of her career. “I won a BET award with Young Money. I got songs with French Montana, YG, Ty Dolla Sign, Snoop Dogg. Mind you, I did a song with Snoop Dogg after I got into a verbal argument with him because he respected me so much after I spoke my mind to him, he still came back and did a song with me.” Chanel’s argument was impressive, but, Charlamagne shot right back.

“Why are you talking with your hands though? I don’t need sign language”, he simply replied. And, Chanel fired back with, “You don’t know my musical track record bro.” They continued to go back and forth until Rob finally gained control of the show, kind of.

What an unexpected turn,” Rob said in disbelief. “Never in my f–king life of doing 220 episodes of this show, have I ever been to a point where I had to reel it in. This was completely unexpected. Chanel, I’m sorry you’re heated.” Chanel, who was still furious, gave Rob a pass because she said that he knew her struggle. “So, you know why I’m extra mad,” she said.

And, cue the next round! “You need to pay her more Rob because she’s struggling,” Charlagmagne said; to which Chanel replied, “No, sorry, I get paid plenty… you don’t know nothing about my life. I used to like you before you came at me.” And, Charlamagne dropped the mic with his last statement — “Cash me outside. How bout’ dat?” LOL.

Before the fight broke out, Rob told Charlamagne that he is always “stone cold.” He then asked, “Is it your nature to become literally ‘un-phasable’?” Charlamagne replied, “I’ve been in worse situations. I’ve had a gun pointed at me. I treat every situation like there’s a gun being pointed at me. Like oh, ‘What am I going to do now? It’s too late.'” Although Chanel laughed at his comments, we couldn’t help but feel like something was about to go down.

“My only strategy [in situations] is to tell the truth,” Charlamagne continued. Yup, that was another red flag. “Like, whatever I said about you, I’m going to say to you. And, I’m going to continue to say it to you.”And, that’s exactly what he did. After the episode aired on June 15, Charlamagne took to Instagram to post a photo with the cast. He thanked everyone for having him and gave a special thanks to Chanel. The shade!

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