Bernice Burgos Goes Off In Furious Rant On Instagram & Fans Think T.I. Has Dumped Her

Whoa! Bernice Burgos does NOT sound happy on June 8. T.I.'s sexy alleged sidepiece took to Instagram to unleash an angry rant about men 'doing anything' to get laid. Is this about T.I.?! See for yourself, here.

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TI and Bernice Burgos
Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock/Courtesy of Instagram

Oh boy, someone really pissed off Bernice Burgos, 37, on June 8! The gorgeous Instagram model was allegedly T.I.’s side-chick, and reportedly the reason behind his divorce from Tiny, 41. She’s beautiful and has and insane body, which is why people flock to her Instagram. Usually she posts workout pics and videos of herself looking hot and dancing, but that all changed on June 8. The siren posted a pic that seemed to be an attack on a man that did her wrong, and fans are assuming that’s T.I.. See more pics of Bernice, here. 

“A n*gga will do anything to impress a female for some p*ssy, is that true fellas?” she wrote. “Whether it’s a celebrity of regular female, I need answers…” Oh boy! That sounds urgent and ANGRY! Fans immediately began commenting on the ‘gram, assuming she’s referring to T.I. in the post. “Ask T.I.,” wrote one fan simply. “Trying to get T.I. attention, meanwhile he stays creeping his wife’s page. Plus I heard they’re back together. Is it true???” wrote another.

They make a good point. Just one day earlier, Tiny sat down for an interview where she revealed that she and T.I. are constantly on and off, “like a roller coaster.” She even explained that at this point they’re talking again. She made it sound like their separation wasn’t final and was off the table for the time being, even though it was a “mistake” to fall for him again. Jeez! If Bernice was, in fact, dating T.I., this would surely be enough to make her question the relationship, and whether or not he was worth being labeled a homewrecker.

Here’s the Instagram in question:

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