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What To Wear When You’re Watching The Game: How To Craft The Perfect Date Night Look

If your significant other invites you out to watch the game, it's a great time to show off your effortless, casual style -- and expert matchmaker, Emily Holmes Hahn, crafted your new go-to look!

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While you probably already have the perfect outfit for a first date down, sometimes it can actually be harder to pull together a casual ensemble that’s still sexy and effortless but doesn’t feel like you’re trying too hard — especially when it comes to watching a game at a sports bar! If your significant other invites you out to watch the game with your friends, don’t panic — Emily Holmes Hahn, founder of LastFirst, offered up your new go-to outfit.

“Try a look that’s very casual but pulled together,” she said. “Jeans, a cute fitted Team t-shirt, and trendy sneakers would work well.” If you aren’t a fan of either team, there’s no reason to order a shirt online or run to the closest sporting goods store — simply stick to a simple tee. Remember to keep your look authentic and appropriate for where you’re heading — this isn’t the time to break out your brand-new stilettos.

If you’re going to be catching the game with their friends you have an opportunity to make a great impression with the group. “Go with the flow and try not to lean on your boyfriend too much. Men love a woman who can hold court in a social setting, so if he’s introducing you to his friends you have a great opportunity to attract him to you further,” Emily added. “A genuine smile and positive energy are the base layers you need to “make” the encounter! Detaching from the group can conversely “break” it. This isn’t the time to send text messages, go into your own thoughts, or be standoffish and quiet. Also, if it’s early in your relationship, constant PDA or talking about how excited you are about each other can be a turnoff to the group. I think a lot of guys like to “show off” for their friends, which is sweet and well-intended, but an easy way to alienate yourselves from the group and even make them jealous if they aren’t in relationships themselves.”

Do you have a go-to look for date night?